This is not a Political Discussion

But, is anyone else sick and tired of getting phonecalls from the candidates?

Hell, I got one from some dude running for County Recorder.

WTF is a County Recorder?!

I don’t care who wins the position of County F**king recorder.


:lol I don’t know either. XD

I haven’t been getting many phonecalls, but that might be because my house’s answering machine message was switched to French. Keeps the telemarketers away, anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, why French?

I dunno, was one of the defaults and it’s better than Spanish, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never got one :frowning:

You don’t like Spanish? Racist! Racist!

My sister’s 50% Spanish assface. :neutral_face:

Even though I’m 0%, dunno how that works…

[quote=“Andrex”]My sister’s 50% Spanish assface. :neutral_face:

Even though I’m not, dunno how that works…[/quote]

Is she your half-sister? That would make sense…

OMG she could be now that I think about it. :Q

Don’t be sarcastic. You worded your comment like a god damn retard.

The hell are you talking about? :stuck_out_tongue: You’re the retard, my comment was purposely about how my mom could be having sex with the Spanish custodian. You’re thick. :lol

Shut up…


I love how every thread turns into a pissing contest between Nothere and drex.

One of these days you’ll both start posting videos of who can piss the farthest.