This is my number two pick for the Virtual Console

[ol][li][strike]Super Smash Bros.[/strike][/li]
[li]Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island[/li]
[li]The following game:[/li][/ol]


That’s right.

I know with 95% certainty spooie has played this, but has anyone else? Really, it’s a fantastic game. Really, really good.

Wait… What…?

Pick for what…?

[quote=“Kumiko”]Wait… What…?

Pick for what…?[/quote]
Pick for the games that I want on it, that have yet to appear on it.

Ah, got ya.

Had I known that there was a video game where you get to run around as Robin Williams with a knife, I’d have bought five copies and made a shrine to it by now.

What game? If you posted it I don’t see it.

That’s the great thing, he doesn’t even look like Robin Williams. He looks like some frigging badass Peter Pan.

If it has Robin Williams I sure didn’t play it.

Yeah, I saw that video too. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t like Robin Williams? Why the fuck not?!

I think you miss understood. I have never played a game with Robin Williams that I remember. Its not that I wouldn’t. I clearly have no memory of something like this. If I had played it I’m sure I’d remember.