This is looking a little better for Natal

Wow sounds like the pricing will actually be kind of reasonable.

This sounds so much better than that rumor of 150 that would have sealed its death pretty much but since Europe always has higher prices. I could see people spending 50 bucks on Natal assuming its got some games people care about.

Rumor? (I have been out of the loop as of late finally got a job but took a day off for MW2 & Homework)

It was a while back a rumor had it at $150 which I posted saying that would be the units death at that price. Also 14 games sounds okay assuming they don’t mean 2-3 mini game collections.

I did not mind the 150 price point because of the complixity of the devise BUT if it’s less than 100 that would be pretty awesome…

Still doesn’t tell us what kind of games it’s gonna have. I mean, if the games are no good, a low price doesn’t matter.

Wii says otherwise.

I’m talking about for me. Not for the casual market. I could give two shits about the casual market.

November 2010? The E3 prototype looked practically finished, so that means they’re waiting on one of two things (or both)

[ul][li]For the manufacturing costs to drop so they can sell it at a lower price.[/li]
[li]For the Natal games to finish up.[/li][/ul]

It’s a bold gamble by MS, especially with Sony releasing their… motion implementation next year as well, and probably earlier and maybe even cheaper.

That also puts it just a year or two before the next generation is supposed to start. If Sony and MS focus on these peripherals instead of new consoles, Nintendo will probably be the first to market in the next gen.

Very interesting to see how this is all going to play out.

Considering how stupid the idea is, maybe it IS a good thing that it’s so cheap.

As I’ve said, there’s no way they would sell it for much more (or less) than the cost of a retail game. It’s brilliant.

I wanna get natal just cause it seems like something cool to show off.

I personally wouldn’t mind it at 60-80 even if they had little games to show for it at launch. There’s bound 1-2 good games if nothing else at some point, and hell, I’ve paid almost half that for a remote control before…

(for those who don’t know, it also works as a remote free remote, letting you browse things like, oh, say Netflix with no remote, just motioning and gesturing to move the menu)