The "Why didn't I get this game before?" thread

Last week I found myself going to a restaurant in a part of town I typically don’t go to since it is out of the way. While on my way there, I remembered that there was a GameStop just a few blocks away. So after having brunch with my grandparents, I decided to stop over there just to see what used games their store had that mine didn’t.

I browsed around a bit since it was during the “Buy 2 Used Game, Get 1 Free” sale. I picked up Death, Jr. for the PSP, Trace Memory for the DS, and some PS2 game called Vampire Night.

Vampire Night was one of those “meh I’m not too sure about this…” games. One of the regular customers up at my store had talked about it before, saying it was a fairly fun GunCon game. I figured it since it was free, I’d give it a try. (Though I haven’t played it yet…)

Trace Memory, on the other hand, was one of the DS that had my interest when I first got my DS, but I never went out and got it. The other night I decided to give it a try. Well, it’s not the best game I’ve played and its age shows, but I was surprised by how fun it actually was. The puzzles themselves haven’t proven hard enough to get me frustrated or stuck yet figuring out the order in which to do things to progress to the next level makes me feel intelligent when I figure it out.

Also, the story is actually kind of interesting. Sure, the dialogue is pretty cheesy…but I like the idea of running into a ghost begging you to recover his memories so he can rest in peace by knowing about his life.

I’m really enjoying it and am wondering why I waited so long to get it. So what about you guys?

Just a few months ago, I got Darkwatch. It’s Capcom’s Vampire Cowboy Zombie shooter. It’s very fun and I’d always considered getting it ever since it first came out.

I loved Trace Memory, and had a similar situation where I wanted it early on, but didn’t get it til our lock Toy R Us closed and sold thier inventory for 60-80% off (think the game cost me $6).

I’d also add Assassin’s Creed to this list, but I havn’t bought it yet…(but still plan to)

Still need to buy LBP

I didn’t buy Halo until 2003. Didn’t play either of the KOTORs until 2007. Didn’t play Diablo 2 until late last year.

Those are some of my very favorite games that I was extremely late to the party for.

Not really buying game but I never beat LoZ: Wind Waker until a few months ago, just never really enjoyed it enough.

Wasn’t my favorite Zelda by far but it was much better than I initially thought.

Same for me, but replace “Trace Memory” with “Street Fighter 3 Third Strike: Fight for the Future”.

[quote=“Rawk”]Not really buying game but I never beat LoZ: Wind Waker until a few months ago, just never really enjoyed it enough.

Wasn’t my favorite Zelda by far but it was much better than I initially thought.[/quote]

Awsome ending, by far one of the most suprising and seriously hardcore endings Nintendo’s ever had in a game.

I mean really, who saw that comming? Link’s sword in Gannon’s head!?

Absolutely loved Trace Memory. It just felt so freshening and it looked great. The ending was kinda touching…I think I said Awwww on multiple occasions.

The only bad puzzle was the block puzzle with one missing and you have to rearrange them to make a picture. I hate those type of puzzles. I remember in RE 4 I had to have someone come do it for me. >_<

Medal of Honor: Airborne

I played the PC version at my now closed cyber cafe and it’s less than 20 bucks used!

RE4…I wasnt even interested in RE so I thought “oh its just a horror game not my cup of tea” then my friend told me “what you have a GC and not RE4, were going to get it” (mind you this is a good long while after its entail release) so we went down to my local Gamestop and my friend Josh (the manager there) happened to be working and I told him I had never played it and he about smacked me and said “you must take it, you must play it, and you must beat it” so I picked it up and was more than satisfied with it…a great game as most of you know. the rest is history lol.