The Super Mario Maker Thread: 2!

Yup. It’s that time again. It’s time to share our Mario Maker levels and profiles!


Here’s a screenshot of the first level I made.

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My Maker ID is QHQ - KD6 - WYF. I have four finished courses uploaded, and there’s a few more I have some ideas for, but not enough to crank a whole course out. Just waiting for a spark of inspiration.

Okay. I found my own ID:


I just made 4 levels and I’m gonna upload one at a time. Won’t upload the next until the previous gets one like at least.

I ended up making a multiplayer versus level and a level where you have to beat Bowser and touch the axe in 5 seconds. Also, I ended up making a few refinements to the series of four levels I made. The first two are up right now.



I’m pretty proud of this level.

It’s cute, and decidedly less sadistic than some of your other courses.

I’ve been fiddling with a new course after some random inspiration. Probably about a third done before I start basic testing.


Guess that’s how I like my courses. I found a 20-second Japanese course some time yesterday, and I had to do it over and over again just to get that one shell jump just right. Of course I gave them a star.

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If I got this could I ignore everything else and pretend it’s Super Mario World… 3? (Since Yoshi Island was titled 2 in America…)

I mean, you’ll be missing out on huge amounts of the game, but if you use the detailed-search feature, you can browse levels using only one style.

What about the single-player?

You pretty much have to play whatever course is handed to you in Story mode, and they’re gonna be in all of the styles, so yeah.

I don’t think you’ll even get any World levels until you complete work from the first Toad you can speak to.

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They increased the upload limit for everybody to 64. They said they plan to do it one more time. My guess is either to 100 or 128.

So someone made a World Map Builder:

I decided to make one of my own:

P59 - 698 - 55G

This level isn’t particularly difficult, but the design is interesting and unique. The creator basically constructed a miniature first-person dungeon-crawl in Mario Maker. Worth looking at for the novelty, if nothing else.


Found this maker while looking in the new courses tab. They mostly make kaizo/kaizo-esque levels, but they’ve made some music levels that you actually play (as opposed to just holding right.)

So I guess we can recreate that Ice level from New Super Mario Bros. Wii with the frozen coins.

I wish we knew a little bit more, like can we only upload one world, or multiple?

Well you can make a game out of 8 worlds.