The sexy Wii is comming..

to Japan.

It’s so big.

Argggh I hate black consoles :confused: and cars. If you drove a black car in PGR3 online I went out of my way to slam you into a wall >_>

Umm… wait, who have I been playing TF2 and Warhawk with all this time?

Midgets…crafty midgets…


Reminds me of this line on THIS song.

You misspelled the last word in the thread title… :astonished:

In terms of looks:

Black Wii > Every Other Console Ever

[quote=“Andrex”]In terms of looks:

Black Wii > Every Other Console Ever[/quote]

lolno. Everyone knows the best looking console was either the PS2 original or the Gamecube.

PS2 fat. :lol

GAMECUBE! :lol :lol :lol

I liked PS3 b/c its all curvy and smooth and Dreamcast b/c it was kinda like a Volkswagon Jetta compact but thick.

PS2 fat looked terrible to me but the slim looked ok

Gamecube’s design was laughble. Once again Nintendo had Apple envy so they took the elegant and expensive G4 Cube design and turned it into some godawful purple lunchbox.

And what was the deal with Nintendo and purple for awhile?? I know they relaunched GBC with that shitty clear purple and the GBA had purple at launch.

Who the fuck likes purple enough to have a console that color!! Its gotta be a small niche >_>

[quote=“Andrex”]PS2 fat. :lol

GAMECUBE! :lol :lol :lol[/quote]


So you agree with my original statement then?

Meh. I like the Advent Children PS3 more.

It’s the second best looking.

AC PS3? Pics?


[quote=“Asrugan”]to Japan.


There were some pretty cool mods

My wife’s is now pink.:neutral_face: