The Path


The Path is an independently developed horror game by Tale of Tales. Based on the original Little Red Riding Hood story, The Path allows players to pick from six sisters who are told to visit Grandma. They are told to remain on the path since wolves lurk in the forest waiting to eat them.

However, the game encourages exploration and promotes allowing your curiosity to get the best of you. Each girl has a story and a personality. It’s your job to uncover it. By exploring the forest, you will locate certain items that are tied to their grim pasts which is revealed at the end of their journey. The bottom line is: the more you find, the more you unlock, the more you discover.

It’s a very satisfying experience for anyone looking for a psychological horror game to give them a disturbing feeling. Needless to say, it’s a game that isn’t for everyone; you need have an imagination and always ask yourself, “What lies around the next corner…?”

It’s only $9.99 on Steam and Tale of Tales just released a free prolgue. You can find out more about the game at Tale of Tales’ site.

I’m also about to do a live stream of the game in case anyone is interested but wants to see more about it.

Sounds interesting.
Tell us how it is?
Not much of a pc gamer myself

Haven’t I seen this thread before…?

Yes, but not with a stream of it! :Q

or just a stream of Oblivion…

Looks interesting.

Yeah…That kinda happened after about an hour or so.

I was having trouble locating the objects for one of the characters and people were growing bored with my aimless wandering and I was growing frustrated. I can stream more of The Path later if you want.