The Path


The horror genre was been a zombie stumbling on decaying legs over the past few years. Despite horror games, like Dead Space, Silent Hill: Homecoming, F.E.A.R 2, and the upcoming Resident Evil 5, they all stray away from the once loves psychological aspect that once embraced the genre like a delusional mother to her fading child. Recently, the thick atmosphere has lifted and been replaced with more uncomfortable tension and cheap scares. However, one developer seem to have hopes of reviving the withering flower of psychological horror.

Tale of Tales is an independent developer found in Belgium in 2002. The developers purpose was to create games that focused “elegant and emotionally rich interactive entertainment”. Besides being apart of multiple experiments and media art exhibits, they’ve only developed one full game so far but have hopes for their second game, The Path.

The Path will be Tale of Tales first commercially available game. Based on the older versions of the fairy tale, Little Red Ridinghood, The Path modernizes the story. You’ll have the ability to pick one of six sisters, known as the Red Girls, who live in an apartment together in the big city. One by one, their mother sends them to go visit their sick grandmother who lives deep in the forest. The girls are warned to stay on the set path because the forest is full of dangers such as wolves who are patiently awaiting a straying child. However, it is human nature to be curious and as we all know, curiosity can be very powerful.

The gameplay is…Well different. The game features no time limit or boss battles. Instead, it focuses on exploration, discovery, and introspection within a deep, dark theme. Each of the six characters has her own personality, helping to change up the story a bit as the game is presented in the form of an interactive narrative.

You can check out screenshots, videos, and information on the Red Girls on The Path’s site. They’ve also released a track from the soundtrack- Safe Song, for you to get a small taste of what to expect.

The game is set to be released on March 18th. You will be able to download it either on Steam or Direct2Drive. The price is unclear at the moment. It seems that they’re having some issues trying to figure out a reasonable amount in both USD, Canadian dollars, and in Euros. Their loan for the game’s development is in Euros and due to the value differences, it’s becoming a bit of a problem figuring out what is reasonable in USD and Canadian dollars but yet isn’t too low in Euros.