The Path: Can you stay on it?


How many times have you found yourself in an open ended game like Fallout, Elder Scrolls, or GTA and just spent time walking around? Did you ever just look at the things around you? Try to find things? If so, then perhaps The Path is something to look into.

The Path is an independent horror game that centers around curiosity. You play as one of six sisters known as the Red Girls: Robin- full of innocence, Rose- in tuned with nature, Ginger- a tomboy, Ruby- a dark soul, Carmen- a lonely soul looking for love, and Scarlet- the mature one. Each Red Girl sees the world differently and can discover things about the forest that the other’s can’t but they all have the same goal…To get to Grandma’s house.

They are told to stay on the path that leads through the forest because of wolves that are waiting to eat them, but curiosity can be powerful. Can you resist the temptation to wander off when you see something sparkle in the distance? When you see a ghostly figure dancing in the shadows? Hear chains rattling in the wind?

This is the premises of the game. You’re suppose to go out and explore the forest and to stumble upon the “wolves” (which are symbolic for other horrible things). The game is more aimed at people who enjoy exploring and have an abstract way of thinking. You need to put the pieces together to figure out the sentences to the wordless story. You’ll find locations, see imagines, hears sounds, and only know the character’s thoughts to everything that happens.

It’s not a game for everyone but if you’re a fan or independent, “artsy” kind of games or are looking for something to scare you in the sense of disturbing you…Look no farther than The Path. It definitely has an unique art style to it that is just as unique as the game itself. (Screenshot from my play through.).

You can download it from either Steam or Windows Installer for $9.99. (A Mac version is on its way.) I bought it, wandered around, and ended up killing one of them…The best part is that I enjoyed every minute of it.

This is the game for me. Wandering and observing is why RE4 took me 30 hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s an amazing game.

I spent an hour last night walking around and ended up coming across some creepy things before killing myself.

Kumi. o_0

…am I invited to your funeral??

Depends on two things.

First…Are you going to say nice things about me? If not, then no.

Second…Will you put a bullet in my head if I become zombified?

  1. I will dedicate an obscenely long and boring speech about our adventures together in honor of you. :heart;

  2. Yes, unless you become more mutated than a normal zombie. If you’re a crimson head or Tyrant, fuck that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m coming back as this.

Just a FYI.

Also…That link contains a spoiler to RE5.

As a Wesker?

I was referring to the creature but hey…Being a Wesker wouldn’t be bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Except for the whole, gender-swap thing… though you’re used to being a female Wesker anyways I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I would stay female. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Stay” female? You’re a girl right now?? :Q :Q

Last time I checked I was… :Q

Maybe I should check (I am an expert after all :astonished:), just to be safe. :wink::wine;

Well judging from the fact that tonight at work some guys only referred to me as “the female”…I think it’s safe to say I am.

Because no means no. :neutral_face:

“The female”. :lol Oh wow. That doesn’t really help girl-gamerdom, I imagine. :lol

Yeah I just kind of stepped back and corrected them before drifting off towards the back of the store…

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