The Official Day the Earth Stood Still Remake thread

Now, as most of you may know…

I am severely excited for the new remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. Due out on Dec. 12, I plan on seeing the midnight premiere the night before.

I love the original to death and can’t wait for this new remake, however bad most remakes may be.

I’ll most likely be seeing it in a theatre rather than I-Max, however.

I plan on fully reviewing this movie some time next month and putting the review in here.


First review.


I’ll wait until Ebert review it. Oddly, despite him being a pompous old fart, his views on movies are like 99% the same as mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, I was borderline seeing this when it comes out, but now that the new Wolverine prequel trailer is gonna be with it I might as well go. The commercials aren’t too bad and kinda good in some parts.



Higher than I thought it’d be but there’s still room…

Definitely seeing it this weekend with my dad.

I’m seeing it tonight. Midnight. It’s gonna be awesom-azing.

And… re-makes almost never get good tomato reviews.

I’ll decided for myself whether it’s good or not.

Gawd, I watched the original like fifteen times in the past week.

Well then how’d you like it?

Being grounded makes it harder to post when I want to…

But, in short, it was awesome.

As far as staying true to the original, it failed. But, as a movie, it was pretty dang good.

It had drama, Sci-Fi, action, special effects that blew me away, and it was just generally good.

Do I prefer the original? Yes. But, that can’t keep me from enjoying this movie.

I actually just went to see it again at 2 o’clock so that I could really give an honest opinion on it. That, and I wanted to see it again…

Ebert Gave it two stars. But, I wouldn’t read the whole review until after you’ve seen the movie.

How was the Wolverine trailer? No spoilers.

(I’ll be seeing it tomorrow.)

[quote=“Andrex”]How was the Wolverine trailer? No spoilers.

(I’ll be seeing it tomorrow.)[/quote]

It was ok. There were some cool parts. It looks alot like X-Men 2 as far as setting and action.

Yes. X3 was a complete abomination, the worst comic film I’ve ever seen (at least Catwoman was so bad it was hilarious.)

So… what did YOU think of the movie, Trex?

Things keep coming up and pissing me off. :confused: Haven’t seen it as of this post.

Still haven’t seen it?

Nah. Probably this weekend.