The Matrix doesn't exist 4 reals

As The Matrix Online died a couple of hours back, now what? Sentinel rape?


I remember trying it (for a day) a couple of years ago. It was so stupid and boring.

I wanted to try it sooo bad when it was in beta and when it came out. I even bought the boxed game, but couldn’t sign up. I followed the storyline for a while though.

Maybe if the game took place after the FIRST movie, and not the last two movies, people might have cared to play it.

I did as well never ended up doing it though.

Watching the video in the OP, the game looks surprisingly… good (ignoring the lag.) Combat looks fun and the environments look really good.

The Matrix is probably one of the best fits ever for an MMO, as a concept. Hopefully in the future someone can pull a The Old Republic with it and give it to a great, quality dev (and as spooie hinted, hopefully distance it from the movie series as a whole, though being a “canon” continuation of the story was a huge draw for MxO.)

If even it was after the 2 seqeuls WHICH I LIKE BTW I would have played it also. I don’t see what’s the big deal about them anyway. I tried WoW and got bored with it and I don’t want to pay a month for a game i should have spent then and now and not worry about it.