The Matrix 4

I have a lot of thoughts.

  • A Matrix without a Wachowski overseeing it isn’t really The Matrix, and I’m glad Warner Bros. agrees.
  • How… do you immediately sign the actors of the two characters that died, while half-forgetting about the other person in the trio who actually lived? Is Revolutions canon? Is this?
  • I’m very certain this is going to be completely different from the other three movies. They could go small-scale. They could go big… Neo and Trinity could be “back” but in a reverse-Terminator 2 situation (THEY’RE the agents this time!) So much potential and I know Lana is creative enough to tap it.
  • Even if it’s a mess, it will be a beautiful mess full of big ideas and heart. And don’t we need more of that in cinema today?
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Keanu Reeves as Neo

Well I’m interested.

Uh, how is this even going to work? Neo and Trinity are both dead.

Awesome. Can’t wait.

But it turns out they were still alive the whole time!


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Should just pull a Halloween and disregard the sequels lol I only like the original movie really.

Neo and Trinity could be “back” but in a reverse-Terminator 2 situation (THEY’RE the agents this time!)

Well if you remember back in The Matrix Reloaded the Architect mentions that Neo is the 6th. So things have happened at least 5 times before. Maybe he reset the matrix and then wakes up having some “extra” knowledge.

im afraid

I never liked that part of the story. They showed the shots of Neo all the other times he tried to free everyone and it was always the same Neo in terms of looks. It wasn’t different people. Unless they were just using his likeness like say Daniel Craig being put into the 007 GoldenEye video game relaunch because he’s the current Bond.

Either way, their best ending was still the first where he flies at the camera to do some crafty Matrix killing shit and then credits.

I feel they’ve already stretched this story so thin. There are enough plot holes, do we really need more?

But, it’s Keanu, I’ll give it a chance because Keanu.

Honestly it’s really hard to be excited for this when their post Matrix projects have been so hit or miss. Cloud Atlas was great but I could never get into Sense 8 even with the nudity and Jupiter Ascending was a nightmare. I’ve never wanted so bad to like a movie and still came out disappointed, that shit was like biting into a cupcake and it tastes like ketchup with bits of glass inside.

I’m conflicted I want to like it but there is a history of things they’ve done I don’t like.

I think even if it’s bad I’ll probably still like it. (But bad as in Wachowski-bad, not as in like, Michael Bay-bad or Kurtzman-bad.)

If anything maybe this will open the possibility of Animatrix 2

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They are overrated as fuck. Time to knock them off their pedastool where they have been way too long, over a decade. Take the Matrix out of their filmography and it is mostly garbage. I’m tired of so many creators getting free passes. There is nothing wrong with being a one hit wonder…


I hate every single word in this post.

I mean… I wish it WASN’T the case lol

The Matrix 2 and 3 aren’t very good. The Animatrix though, that has some good stuff.

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I liked certain parts. But yeah the story got convoluted as heck in those ones.

I can see how Neo can come back, being connected to the machines, but what about Trinity?

I’m down for more Matrix.