The Last of Us Part II

Update: Post #10 and up for TLOU 2 Easy Allies’ Hands On Preview, Campaign SP Only, Being on Two Dics, and Box Art Controversy.

Update #2: The Last of Us Part II Multiplayer will be standalone (Post #15).

The release date for TLOU 2 is here and it’s 2020-06-19T04:00:00Z

So, let’s talk about it!

There’s no denying the game looks AMAZING. I’d say it’s on par with the last PlayStation Experience trailer but I’m not completely sure. Guess i’ll have to wait for the 4K trailer to find out.

The trailer leads us to believe something’s gonna happen to Ellie’s girlfriend Dinah and that’s why she’s on this quest of hate and revenge. There’s a shot of Ellie naked from the waist up leading me to believe she may have been sexually assaulted after they killed her girlfriend. This would be reason enough but I have to remember trailers are manipulative so who knows what’s true but this is easily deductible from the trailer.

There’s also another shot of Ellie wearing a gas mask when near some spores which I find weird since she’s immune.

Tommy is still around and looks to be very important to the story.

In the end we see Joel telling her “you think I’d let you do this on your own”. I hope he’s actually alive and not just in her head. After all, we haven’t really seen a whole lot of Joel in the other trailers and in the first trailer reveal for the sequel Joel is seen come out of a while light which a lot of people interpret as him being dead.

Anyways, what you guys think?

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I’m excited as fuck for it. I’m constantly refreshing the PSN page so I can pre-order it.

The only downside I see so far is release being so close to FF VII: Remake’s March 3rd. Feels like I won’t have time to marinate between TLOU 2 and FF VII.

I know two weeks is lots of time but for me it’s often not. lol

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January has Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
February has The Last of Us Part II
March has Final Fantasy VII
April has Cyberpunk 2077

There is still no word yet on when Persona 5 Royal is coming.

Early 2020 is PACKED

I miss loli Ellie…



Having watched the trailer multiple times now I noticed the last part with Joel and Ellie seem to be from different scenes. Joel’s scene is from inside a house while Ellie is outside. Most likely the person putting it’s hand on Ellie is someone else.

Also, over at Neogaf there’s been a lot of talk about a downgrade and I did mentioned I wasn’t sure myself and that I would wait for the 4K trailer before judging. Well, I just saw it in 4K and it makes a world of difference. My concerns have been put to rest.

I think a non-real Joel would cheapen the entire franchise in my opinion. But he will have a hard time surviving this outing.

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Yeah, i think you’re right.

Now in my original post I mentioned Ellie wearing a mask seemed weird but after reading other people’s comments it seems no one aside from Joel and Tommy know she’s immune. So, it makes sense for her to keep that hidden even from people close to her.

Also, anyone got P.T. vibes from this?


Indeed, now that you mention it, it screams PT.

The only preview that matters.

Seems like is the same footage for every outlet provided by ND. Still, I was basically enthralled just watching it. This game is going to be AMAZING.

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This is huge. HUGE.

I won’t loose any sleep over it but I thought for sure it would include multiplayer. I also enjoyed it quite a lot despite multiplayer games not being my thing.

Seems like TLOU 2 is following RDR 2 and will be two Blue Ray discs.

Some controversy over the original box art. Let me show it for context:


As a thumbnail or an avatar I think it works perfectly but as box art not so much which is why lots of people are mad about it and calling it garbage.

Here’s I think a more suitable cover art:

Granted, this one is fan made. Still, given this story is about hate… maybe that’s why ND went this route and I trust them. I know they’re not the type to compromise a box art just to appeal to a larger audience.

Not too concerned about the art but I am always a fan of great box art. I still don’t buy huge releases digitally.

Do you tend to buy more digital, Ken? Anyway, I know RDR2 was the first game to be 2 discs but with FF VII: R and now TLOU 2 following that trend it’ll be harder for people who only buy digital.

I prefer physical media but do get the occasional digital game now and then.

The Last of Us Part II - Multiplayer will be standalone:

I’ve always complained that Naughty Dog includes unfair online trophies as part of the platinum. They’ve gotten better on PS4 but on PS3 you were kinda forced to boost them if you wanted 100%. I have always wanted developers to separate online trophies from single player.

This news alleviate that. However, I’m also a fan of their multiplayer so I’ll still keep an eye out for future details.

I’m also of the opinion that is going to be free. Think about it. If you include the multiplayer with TLOU 2 and the game sells 10 million copies 1) It’s a MP that’s still behind a $60 paywall and 2) How many of those 10 million will actually touch the MP?

And of course it’ll be riddled with microtransactions but if done fairly it can make them a ton of money. Now couple this with the game being free and just imagine how many more people it’ll reach.

When he said multiplayer wouldn’t be apart of TLOU 2 I interpreted that as whatever they were working on being spun into a new multiplayer IP. With PS5 launching next year it’s always good to have a great multiplayer game at launch to keep people distracted.

Hadn’t even taken PS5 into account. I think you may be right and if it’s F2P and like Fortnite (I don’t mean necessarily Battle Royale) then it could be even bigger.

Not at all. Only digital I get is a huge sale or something that has no physical disk.

The game has now been delayed to May 29th 2020.

I’m actually happy about this as I always felt the February 21st release was too close to FF VII Remake.

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