The E3 Speculation Thread

Make guesstimates and extrapolations about what you think will be announced at E3.

I think that…

-We will see details of the new game being developed by Team Ico

-Assassin’s Creed 2 will be revealed to be very nearly done and will be slated with a Summer '09 release date.

-Team Melfes will reveal details of Sword of Legendia (They god damn better)

-Namco will announce their PS3 exclusive Shooter, Sports, and RPG games announced on page two of this list.

-Nintendo will announce their next major First Party Wii game. I expect a new Mario will be out Spring or Summer of next year.

-Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will be given an approximate release date of Winter '09.

-Square Enix will announce another crappy new franchise exclusive to either the PS3 or 360.

-More PixelJunk love: 1-4 is given a name (there’s a vote to name it, if you guys want to try) and 1-5 is revealed to be Dungeons (obviously).

I’ll add more later.

Maybe Maybe Maybe a small teaser of KH3. Most likely that will be at TGS, and hopefully some big surprises. If you notice, some companies have been keeping there mouths shut about some things, and hopefully SE will announce something completly unexpected like last year.

Rieko Kodama walks on stage at the Sony Press Conference

Grabs Mic

“I’m making a new Phantasy Star”

Drops mic, walks off stage, and the crowd goes wild.

If you mean the 360 FFXIII, that would be cool.

But if you mean all those crap 360 RPGs, then no.

And, I don’t see a KH coming until 2011/12, honestly.

I’m expecting big news from MS press conference.

E3 generally has big news. They’ve said so even more this time as well.

It seems that MS is the only one trying to get people real excited so they better have something to show off. Better have a fuckin Alan Wake release date.

They all kind of said similar things. Althought Don Mattrick is promising to “completely transform how people think about home entertainment”. I am of the opinion he’s not talking about games.

They tried to get everyone all excited last year, too…

And what did we get? Avatars and Lips.

[quote=“nothere413”]They tried to get everyone all excited last year, too…

And what did we get? Avatars and Lips.[/quote]

LOL agreed but with all this full body motion control rumor BS among other things I’m just curious to see what happens.

Didn’t we already have a speculation thread? Eh.

  • DSi Virtual Console, Pokemon Red and Blue as launch titles
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Pikmin 3 + Wii MotionPlus
  • Wii Fit Plus
  • Kirby Wii
  • Fragile announced by Namco for US ALL OVER MY FACE*
  • :sad;

You cry cause you know its never going to happen.

SHUT UP!!! :frowning:

IM TRYING TO PROTECT YOU FROM THE TRUTH :frowning: runs off :brokenheart;

_< almost bans you


I’m just going to be as unrealistic as possible, but still post things I want.
Super Mario Sunshine 2
Billy Hatchett 2

Alan Wake comes out in three months!
A new Perfect Dark game that is really good.
Gears of War 3 teaser and Winter 2010 release date.

Yeah, I haven’t really been paying attention. What has Sony done that’s noteworthy lately?

Psychonauts 2! Please???


I wouldn’t mind that. I thought the FLUDD thing was cool.

I want Luigi’s Mansion 2 more than Sunshine 2.

The music they did for Brawl is just… too perfect…


They could pull an RE4 and make it over-the-shoulder, and a whole bunch of other improvements too.