The CWverse ✪

This is NOT a which is better thread but a discussion of either series. Only watch Arrow? Talk about it here. Only watch Flash? Talk about it here. Watch both? Even better.

Arrow right now is my favorite show on television that is currently airing and my favorite superhero series. Shield is pretty close and Flash is high up there too. Gotham is sorta stagnant but we have a Gotham thread for that. Also have a Shield thread.

The cupid episode was actually pretty damn good and it was cool to see young mama Winchester from Supernatural back on the CW.

I’ll have tons to say, so hopefully those who watch don’t keep quiet and speak up so I don’t seem like a crazy person lol I may add polls and stuff too.

So let’s get into it!

I really need to catch up but I keep getting distracted by games lol. Once I get caught up I’ll come back and contribute something of merit.

Cool. Then once you are caught up you will only have to worry about one a week and it won’t be so bad lol Game on my friend.

Arrow has been crazy good (probably the most “0_0” currently airing series I’m watching), and I’ve been enjoying the Flash so far. I’m not exactly sure what to expect from the crossover next week, but I’m definitely psyched.

I’ve been enjoying seeing characters I’ve encountered elsewhere, mainly in the Bruce Timm animated stuff (Batman:TAS, JL, JLU).

Will be watching both this week for the crossover, cant wait.

Arrow is probably my favorite right now only because it has 2 seasons under it’s belt already and you can go back for lore and backstory if you want or if something is referenced in current episodes.

But Flash is getting really close because it was pretty good even from the first episode probably because the roughness that was felt from season one Arrow wasn’t there they learned from that I think. Plus the connection to Arrow has helped Flash find it’s way.

I know Arrow is guilty of this as well… but it is more blaring to me for some reason on Flash. But that is the formula of "Flash meets villain, villain absolutely kicks his ASS. Then Cisco finds a way for Flash to beat the villain and he does it and wins fairly quickly.

They changed it up with Plastique and that was more enjoyable.

But in comparison like Omega stated, the lore and background in Arrow is clearly a major advantage.

Watching the episode “guilty” and I don’t understand felicity saying Roy threw the arrows but still used a bow. That the mirakul powered him up, but that’s not how bows work. Can someone explain?

Did she also conclude he used a bow? I thought I remember her mentioning that the wounds were strange with her original assumption that the killer had used a bow, but the possibility of thrown arrows was more consistent with the forensics. Of course this was two weeks ago, so my memory may be a bit fuzzy. Maybe I’ll flip back and watch the episode again online to double check tomorrow.

I deleted my recording. It struck me weird the first time, maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention. She.mentioned his height too I think.

Remember there is a new Flash this week, just no Arrow until the Flash vs. Arrow event.

Wait a sec, so no new arrow on Wednesday The 26th?
i thought it was going to be a part 1 today on flash and part 2 tomorrow on arrow.

So when is the event happening?

Nope, that isn’t until Dec. 2 I think. Next week it will play out like that.

This week there is only Flash and it is unrelated to the crossover.

Thanks for the heads up. I guess they were really building up excitement. I would’ve felt dumb watching an hour and wondering when flash was coming cuz i woukd not have known it was a repeat since on demand just list the air date.

I did not finish Arrow S1 but I have watched every ep of Flash and I love it. Cant wait for this ep!

I’'m finishing Arrow S1 now trying to finish S2 before the Flash ep



"I’ll always remember this"

^^^ :heart;

This is greeeeaaaat!!! And not even half over yet!

The color joke in that guy’s name is almost too silly.

What te hell? It just skipped a bunch of stuff? It came back from commercial and the dude is in jail. Before the break we saw flash being fixed.