The cringiest thing you'll see today?

If you are like me, you have unfortunately seen this commercial on Youtube several times. I kind of forgot about it, but it started popping up again recently.

  • Cringe as fuck
  • Almost cringe as fuck
  • Moderately cringe as fuck
  • Not quite cringe as fuck
  • …fuck

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Yes and I don’t trust it. It messes around with your cart that’s scary.

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This was very cringe.

I dunno. I don’t think the Bounty one is all that bad. None of the people are being pretentious douches, unlike Honey, and it is rather transparent that it is a shameless Bounty ad and making fun a little bit of Youtube/Twitch streamers.

I wish they would have went even farther and put a wall of games in the background to really emphasize it, but oh well.

This commercial was perfect already

There was this commercial for a product called Bubblgel.

I’d post a link to it, but it looks like it fell off of the face of the Earth.

All I can say is that they did a piss-poor rendition of “Who Let The Dogs Out” by Baha Men.

No need to worry about it, they totally replaced that white actor with a black actor.

They show the original one now just with the race swap footage cut in.

I don’t understand the point of the new Statefarm commercial. If they’re doing it just to get a new actor in (for race or otherwise), it does not make sense to recycle the same footage of the actors from the original one 9 years prior, especially since the commercial references itself. Otherwise that has to be the dumbest wife on the planet.

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You’re not supposed to remember what came before.

Logistically it’s cheaper than shooting a new commercial. It also panders to the crowd. Companies don’t give a shit about people’s gripes. This is just to cover their ass in general. They had a very popular commercial with nothing but white actors.

Now they don’t, and the black actor is their spokesperson. They’re safe from the mob.

For now at least.

It definitely sucks because they think this is in support of BLM and that this will appease the protesters.

It won’t.

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Companies aren’t trying to cover their asses or appease the protesters. They’re trying to force themselves into the spotlight by co-opting a movement and making it all about them. Same with all the dumbass celebrities apologizing for roles they’ve had in the past. They’re basically saying “hey, I know you guys all have serious concerns, but pay attention to me while I self-flagellate for a minute. Be sure to pat me on the back on the way out.”

So they’ll change Aunt Jemima’s name (which should have been done ages ago, lets be honest) while cops keep murdering kids and then be surprised when people are still pissed.

inb4 they turn Log Cabin into Gentrified Loft syrup

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I don’t think Statefarm was a BLM-related issue. This commercial has been airing since the Superbowl and seems to just be an all-around “let’s diversify” endeavor. I don’t have an issue with that, but the fact that they just replaced one white guy with a black guy and NOTHING ELSE shows that absolutely no thought or effort went into anything and they literally do not care.

Why not have two WOMEN at the home and the one woman is mad at the other and then she’s like “She sounds hideous…” “Well, it’s a dude, so…” and then he asks the original guy if that’s normal? Switch it up a bit.

BLM or not, every company is stealing the spotlight right now to show off how woke they can be.

It’s just as transparent as when they all pretended to be caring and concerned when covid first hit. Never in my life have I seen so many adverts with the words “during these difficult times” and some variation of “we’re here for you”. Everyone knows these are the same companies headed up by people who have happily profited from the exploitation of the working class for years but here they are anyway trying to act like real humans.

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You know, I feel the same way with the “in these difficult times” commercials. Exactly when was there not a difficult time? Was everyone on the planet getting a handout all these years and I never knew it?

The issue that I always have with people and companies taking a stand or a point of view or whatever to push their own product or agenda is that it usually is a direct response to some event that just happened. My first question tends to be “If you’re so righteous, why weren’t you doing this the day BEFORE the event happened?”

Amazon wants me to buy into their spending $4 billion dollars to protect their employees during these troubling times of COVID-19. Well, Amazon, they’re your employees. You should be protecting them all the fucking time.

I mean, like look at this shit

McDonald’s, you pay people starvation fucking wages. You’re not amplifying anything but your own pocket books.

Haha haha the only thing McDonald’s is amplifying in the black community is diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension.


That short awkward scene in the call center was ruined. Change the actor, not the damn scene. That’s what i say.

This whole thread took a weird turn, but you know what…

Also, for all you folks who are pro “digital only,” another reason why actually owning shit is good.

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