The boys are back in town!!

Or rather for the first time! :Q

As Cho Aniki finally makes it way to the US!!!

[SPOILER]I don’t acknowledge virtual console >_>[/SPOILER]

The Original Japanese PSP Trailer



[quote=“sbf717”]As Cho Aniki finally makes it way to the US!!!
I don’t acknowledge virtual console >_>[/quote]


What the shit is this shitting shit?

It’s a SHMUP like R-type only with a batshit insane story and instead of a ship you’re a muscle man and you power up with protein shakes!

Wasn’t this one of X-Play’s Gayest Games segments back in 2005 or so?

And, personally, I would have gone for “It’s Raining Men.”

Yes it was

Raining men would have been too stereotypical :stuck_out_tongue:

It is wrong that when you said “The Boys are Back in Town!!” I originally thought of Bad Dudes and Double Dragon before clicking the link?


Is it too late for me to posting the music of “Raining Men”?