Tai Chi

Anyone here have any experience? I’m looking to do some kind of daily exercise at home that can primarily address muscle soreness, circulation, and breathing. I’m also considering yoga, but I’m a contrarian about certain things and just like to be different sometimes. (However if yoga is the way to go I wouldn’t argue and would check it out.)

How have y’all been keeping limber during quarantimes?

It’s called Ring Fit Adventure.

Says the guy who hasn’t started it yet… :shhh:


Same here, but it has been lacking lately. I downloaded Jump Rope Challenge yesterday and going to alternate between Ring Fit and Jump Rope.

I’ve never done anything like tai chi or yoga. My exercise is walking 5-6 miles a day at work and weightlifting. Haven’t been able to do much of the latter since lockdown started, but lots of walking certainly does help you stay loose and keep the blood flowing. I also find that a 10-20 minute hot bath once or twice a week helps with soreness in the lower body. I’m actually going to go take one right now.

Oh, and before I go, weightlifting is really good for everything you just mentioned. Proper breathing is essential for good technique and working out those muscle groups is super helpful for circulation. It also helps you maintain muscle mass and testosterone levels as you age.

Running too much gives me worries about impact on joints. My runner friend had some bad shin splints iirc. It’s what swayed me to swimming when I was in Boston, but not too many lap pools out here at the moment…

I do think about biking, though. This would be the good area for it.

When I eventually get a house I’d like one of these personal sauna things.

I am not as concerned with muscle mass. Proper weightlifting form is difficult and a wrong motion can and has put my back into a bad state before.

All I know about it is that watching Strong Sad do it is hilarious.