Yes, this is big enough for it’s own thread. Why? Because it’s something that I think could work. This web site needs a newsletter.

It could be sent in a private message to people or be sent via e-mail. It would cover things like:

  • Site updates
  • Pod cast information
  • Notification on articles/reviews
  • Hot topics on the forums
  • Interviews with people
  • The poll
  • Contests maybe?

And anything else people feel we might need.

It could be sent out weekly (maybe a day or so after the Pod Cast comes out so a link can be sent along with information on the topics for the next week).


Only if you got a team of highly trained sloths to write it.

They would have to be highly pressured to get it out on time but they always end up procrastinating and not having enough time to finish so they say they will just do it next month so the next month they end up having to do two in half the time and everything gets really hectic and than we train dolphins.

Or you could just use the RSS Feed

Contests are a great idea, but all that stuff could either be found on the home page/feed or made in a thread here.

Also, yeah procrastination would eventually set in…