Stupid people I work(ed) with...

Wow. You’ve worked with some stupid ass people, man.

Big advice: Get a new “smart” job. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t really have stupid coworkers. Just one group where there’s nothing special to write about them, and the other group that are batshit insane I don’t even want to talk about.

I have another job. I just help there once a month now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pay must be shit. :confused;

WTF is wrong with your HR department?

I do it as a favor. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s kinda shitty to fire someone b/c they lied about being sick one time. >_>

He actually wasn’t fired from doing that (he was fired… and later rehired and let go… for other reasons, BTW). But they did prevent him from continuing the other job, because it was considered a conflict of interest.

But, hey, I would have fired him. Who knows how long he was doing that for, and our store and our employees (including myself) lost out when he pulled that shit, because one of US had to come in on our days off to cover it, or had to work his loads to cover him, so he can go jerk off somewhere else.

Besides, the guy complained all the time and showed no respect to anyone. He would constantly damage products in the store, because he was mad that he actually had to work for a living. He knocked up some stripper and apparently her father said something like he was going to break his legs if he didn’t stay with her and support her, so he ended up moving to our area (which made him lose his construction job in NYC) and all he could find was the job here.

Regardless, he would take all the money she was making from the strip club and come into work and blow it on scratch-off tickets. I once saw him go through $70 one night in $1 and $2 scratch-offs. And he did stuff like that every night.

He was later fired after he called in for 10 days straight, saying he was sick, but asking if there was a position open on days he could transfer to. Our store manager at the time was out of work constantly due to a medical condition. As soon as he came back, the associate approached him about getting his job back. He got his job back AND a raise because he had hit his 6-month mark.

The Night Manager was pissed and demanded the manager put him somewhere else. So they put him in General Merchandise… also overnight. He would show up for 3 hours. Finish. And instead of wanting to work something else, go home. Then he’d complain he wasn’t getting enough hours.

I guess in the end, the store manager started getting pissed and the guy ended up quitting. About a week later, supposedly he came back asking the night manager to re-hire him, who said he wasn’t the one that hires people and he’d have to talk to the manager. The next week, his girlfriend came back begging the manager to hire him again, but that was the end of it.