Streaming Service Apocalypse ✪ Sony buys Crunchyroll

As streaming services balkanize and it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of what the fuck is where the fuck, it’s time for a new thread.

In related news, CBS All Access renamed to something slightly less stupid.

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You forgot
Peacock from NBCUniversal

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Everyone forgot this. Such a bad name too lol.

I think I read this just got sold?

Edit- WarnerMedia wants to sell it. I didn’t even know they had it. :thinking:

I legit thought this was a joke for a while lol.

They have a streaming service? They certainly haven’t had a worthwhile series since Spartacus, in any case.

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I have no affinity towards Paramount so I understood CBS All Access more. This is a good move because CBS AA really was total dogshit outside of Star Trek so getting more of the Paramount content should make it feel a little better. I hope this include more live channels down the line.

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Don’t forget funimation has their service too

Also there’s Mubi and Criterion


Britbox: The Only way to watch Classic Who streaming.

Just give me the blu rays and I’m good.

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I was going to mention VRV, which has Crunchyroll and Boomerang, but it’s been getting less and less appealing overtime. It doesn’t even have CuriosityStream or NickSplat anymore.

No one remembers Crackle? Or has used Tubi to stream “legitimate” and badly edited 90s software porn? Tsk tsk tsk.

I remember around 20 years ago, everyone foresaw that by 2013 or so, televisions would be obsolete, cable companies would no longer exist and everything would be streamed through a service where you could access all your content immediately.

Instead, televisions are more popular than ever, everyone incorporated the streaming tech into them directly and rather than one service to find everything, people have to spend multiple times the cost of cable to watch the same amount of content online.

I remember Crackle of all things had Seinfeld exclusively for a long time. Still never used it.

The dream was always that you only paid for channels you wanted. That’s less true than ever.

All I remember Crackle for is when it was on the PSP and it had videos from other sites on it for download.

I just noticed since my cable plan already includes HBO, i get Max too. been wanting to watch Close Enough for a long fucking time. im really sad about how streaming is replacing broadcast television though.

Also this…


Easily my most-anticipated Disney and/or Marvel project… if Sam Rami hadn’t taken over Doctor Strange 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard the two projects are tied together in some way(s), which further increases my excitement for both.

Streaming balkanization was inevitable, but I’ll still take it over paying $100 for cable. I’ve got Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+. Not terribly interested in adding any other services at this point. I do wish I could pay like $20 for the five or six cable channels I’d actually watch though.

Sports is the killer for me. I’m fine going without any kind of cable substitute during the NHL offseason but I need my Bruins during the other half of the year. :weary:

Occasionally there’s a show I’d like to watch as it airs too, but that’s been getting rarer and rarer over the years.


That’s how I am with basketball. I never get to watch NBA games unless I go to a bar or I’m at someone’s house who has cable.

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Over the years I really detached from sports altogether. I used to be pretty hard into them but before wuflu i was already done. So, for me that has been a silver lining in terms of needing to get a fix for that via cable etc.

This thread:

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The sad thing is unless you watch Collider or other YouTube podcasts you’d think they were over-exaggerating a lot of the schtick, but things really have gotten that bad in “”“nerd culture.”""

At least last I checked a while ago.

People who have nothing really to live for forming their entire identity around a single corporate-driven media product… just kinda sad.