Still a chance to get into the XBL Preview Beta

Nothere maybe this will help you e-feel better so you wont try to attempt to kill a moment. See, now if the rest fo you get into it, we can become one big happy XBL Previewing Family:up;

I don’t have a 360, so I’ll ruin whatever I want to.

signing up now

I don’t wanna be in a netflix party with a fag like you.:neutral_face:

Signed up, i liked the last preview (got in on all that about a month or so early). I’m looking foward to this one as well.

Signing up.

You’re right, I dont wanna be lumped with a matt lover like you :neutral_face: tai4lyfe

Damn signing up takes forever how am I supposed to know my consoles serial number if I’m not next to it.

um, from the dashboard, go to the console window in the my xbox row, look for console, then scroll down to console info. Both numbers you need are on that screen.


Got in, but says now I have to wait for an email to say it’s ready for download.

i got in, downloaded last night, bought 2 monkey island clothes almost instantly

Someone is highly unaware of how awesome monkey island(specifically, stan the salesman) is

Yup. I know if there is cool enough shit to put on my avy (Halo stuff) I will buy it.

Wait, how much are they charging?

I have no idea.

A dollar minimum to about two dollars depending on the product; although Warthog prop is four bucks.

How’d you download it already, I got a message saying when they were ready they’d send an email about DLing it?