Sony's motion controller delayed?

[quote=“sbf717”]:lol Again with this?? You can’t be serious. Go read MANY of the head to head comparisons from The Digital Foundry.

Usually these get used as nothing but fanboy fuel as to why the PS3 sucks at _____ but reading them you discover all the tools and techniques that are being used this generation.

There are probably MANY techniques that can be used to hide that 10% and hell even in big AAA games that want optional Natal support.

Seriously though people need to just drop the 10% bullshit. It’s FUD to the highest degree. [/quote]

Last I remember developers were all about power I find it very strange they are going to sacrifice power for Natal. The developer attitude about Wii shows they don’t want to sacrifice tech for motion controls. While the 360 games aren’t going to look like Wii games they’ll still take hits on something by having lesser hardware resources its a 10% overall hit so that’s spread through everything so for the graphics to be the same something like framerate has to take a bigger hit. I just find it odd that developers who have been basically pushing the new tech as reasons to buy their games are going to be thrilled at a power loss.

I’m down for playing Natal assuming its not implemented horribly. Most developers I’ve seen have no clue on motion controls and having new hardware isn’t going to change that. I’ll admit even on Wii I’d rather developers focus on making good games instead of motion control games. Some of the games I really like on Wii like Smash Bros Brawl don’t use motion control at all.

Uhh sure you can hide it but it’s still a barrier, especially for existing games that want to be ported to it. I don’t even care really, my point still stands. Neither Natal nor Gem/Arc will affect either console’s performance or support one bit.