Sony to publish Ghostbusters. (In Europe, NA need not be worried.)

Ghostbusters. We all know and love the franchise, but what about the game? It’s been a long while since it was announced, and until now, it hasn’t had a publisher. Enter Sony.

Could this mean that it will be a Sony console exclusive? Possibly. But for now, we can just watch and wait.

Update: The game has been confirmed as a timed exclusive for the PS3 and PS2. A PSP version will follow in a few months.
Wii, DS and 360 versions have yet to be commented on, and may be indefinitely cancelled. This, however, is unlikely. … 293483.htm



Odd, since both Joystiq and IGN agreed the Wii version played better than the prettier 360/PS3 versions. Oh well, I wasn’t going to “DAY ONE!!1!!11” this anyways, even though I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan.

Activision was the publisher, and then Atari. Atari is still technically the publisher for the non-Sony versions, which are coming out “later in the year”.

Damn, this is what happens when you let a former Sonyoid become head of Atari. :neutral_face: Damn you Phil! :argh

This is good for Sony though picking up a popular game for a little while. Until it ships on PC, 360 in a couple months. Is it good for the game though? I’m not sure if its going to be blazing up any sales charts but I dunno not too many people are giving this title hype I’m interested to see how this plays out.

It’s pretty cool to see a major company picking this game up and sponsoring it, though.

And it would be hilarious to see a thing that says “Sony” on the Wii and 360 versions.

Oh well shit.