Sony Firmware 3.0 will have new revolutionary features like....

[size=200]… MOVING BACKGROUNDS!!![/size]


The background adjusts with the time and day, SO COOL!


Its cool, but its just as pointless as avatar’s. Don’t lower yourself to that level Sony, eww.

Here’s an overview of the features

God, I so want those for my desktop.

If it’s free then Sony does not need to worry about going to Microsoft’s money grabbing level.

The zebras are awesome even if you can see their balls.

The only thing keeping it from being spectacular is if a lion comes out from the brush and takes a zebra down on-screen.

Nevermind… why do I even bother?

If they making GoW3 animated theme with massacre killing & fighting scene in it, then I’m sold.

And by the way, it’s NOT Free, it cost $2.99. :neutral_face:


I editted it. Just forget about it.

From what I’m reading at GAF 3.0 is horrid. I will update mah console today will also have a new PSN name I will post it later today.

Thats stupid. I thought you were able to view older edits of posts.


I like 3.0 so far especially my new sparkly purple background :astonished: