So what games have you been playing lately...

Been playing Saints Row IV and Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

I won a $60 Toys R Us card online and pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix HD Collection and should get that day one.

Playing these will lead to Grand Theft Auto V.

I might not be able to play games for a while because I’m going to try to save money for Pax East again.

Still Animal Crossing New Leaf, all day erryday.

Recently got a gold slingshot and upgraded my museum.

Been playing the Waiting Game aka Final Fantasy XIV!

Spelunky- I have died 130 times, have played it for around 8 hours and I’ve only made it to the 3rd level(Ice Caves). Even though my progress has been slow I’m thoroughly enjoying my time with it.

Open Me

It’s a game all about solving puzzles on boxes. I’m about halfway through and thankfully putting the AR card image on a tablet makes the process much easier. Instead of moving around with the Vita I can just move the tablet.

Beat Pikmin 3 the other day. Havent been playing anything else tough.
I bought Resonance of Fate last year for cheap but never toughed it. Maybe I should get on that.

I hate being dirt poor. :frowning:

I haven’t really played any games in a long time…the last game I played for more than an hour was Majoras Mask which I finished in late July. I’ve been too busy working on my NES emulator to really play games.

Counter Strike 1.6

Finally starting to get kills.

While I wait for Kingdom Hearts to get here, I might finish up my Perfectionist Difficulty of Blacklist and start Persona 3 all over again. I would like to beat that before KH gets here.

Dead Space.

Morrowind GOTY w/MGSO & dozens of mods. :smiley:

Pokemon Black 2. My Porygon2 is a badass.

Virtue’s Last Reward.

Animal Crossing New Leaf and Tales of Xillia. Occasional Injustice from time to time (Martian Manhunter is the shit). Since Dead Rising 2 is free I have been playing that occasionally with my cousin who I talked in to getting it. (I already owned it).

Lately i’ve been playing the mess out of Tokyo Jungle, just hooked on that survival game! Yesterday I unlocked 1 of 2 dinosaurs and I was trying to unlock the 2nd one by completing the challenge with the first one…but I walked into the challenge area and was ambushed by over 30 of them…my whole family (3 others) were killed instantly and eventually me 20 minutes later.

I raged a bit and decided to turn on my xbox so I finally started the DLC for Alan Wake.

Just finished the ZOE collection. Bought the DMC collection few days ago, might pop that in. PAYDAY on and off. Mainly waiting for other people to want to play. Was thinking about getting FF14 but $15 a month plus grinding.

Oh right. Also Hitman Absolution. Trying to get through that crap. The AI is stupid as hell.

I still can’t wrap my head around how to play Hitman Absoultion, everything about it feels like there’s only a few paths and each one requires way too much effort to make work. Nothing about it feels satisfying especially after recently playing Deus Ex where I have a billion vents at my disposable.

^^^^ I hear you on that. It’s definitely not like before where there were multiple ways to and from your target. This one is much more linear in design compared to the others. It annoyed me through a lot of the game. There are only a few stages that give you a bunch of different ways to traverse through the area.

And like other stealth games like Deus Ex, Dishonored and other Hitman games, this game does have too many levels where you can actually find special paths that could let you sneak through the level undetected an avoid every confrontation.

I didn’t like Hitman either. Having to tip your hat everywhere you go was getting obnoxious to me. I know you have to blend in, but tipping your hat over an extended period of time would have tipped the guards off. In fact, NOT tipping the hat would have helped blend in. The worst thing is that you had to do it constantly.

Phoenix Wright: Justice for All
Tales of Xillia
BIT.TRIP Presents Runner 2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien

lol…dont get me started on the disguise in this game. A lot of folks cried about being noticed by people wearing your outfit, thats not my problem cuz it makes sense.

prologue for example, lets say you an I were gardeners…there is a chance we know everyone in our crew since we work with them every freaking day so if we saw someone else wearing our uniform, we would know that they dont work with us. People on the forums didnt like this…but I think it’s realistic in a sense.

This only pissed me off when using an outfit that covers my face. So if i’m wearing a SWAT suit that covers my face, how the hell does another cop know im not a cop? This made me mad when I was wearing the Hazmat suit too.

something stupid too…why cant I run in peace without someone making a spectacle? I’m in the town, in a neutral area running on the street. What if I was jogging…or I really needed to use the bathroom? Everyone overreacts when someone is running…or crouching too. I cant crouch and tie my shoe?

[quote=“Andrex”]Still Animal Crossing New Leaf, all day erryday.

Recently got a gold slingshot and upgraded my museum.[/quote]

Haven’t played that in like months. Not sure I can return to that town at this point.

Most recently was playing Ni No Kuni(which was sometime last week). About halfway through and will probably get back to it soon.

Game is alright so far.