So, um, how long does it take for a new GAF account to get approved again?

I finally found the blasted email address given from my ISP so I used that. Plus I’m on a new IP so shhhhhhh.

I forgot how long the wait is now, I heard it’s like 4 days to all the way to 4 months. I figured you guys would really know.

PS. I’m not going to tell you the name I’m using on there.


Actually nobody really knows. They use to do mass approvals but they seemed to have stopped. The GAF mods(excpet John TV <3 <3 <3) are too busy screwing the innards of the latest baby kitten they found on the street to approve memberships.

I recommend you join OPA-Ages instead. That site is way more fun and exciting that GAF

I remember searching around Opa Ages and found a thread where I think Refugio tried to get them to troll Gforum. >_>

:lol :lol :lol Sounds like something he’d do. I know he loved that place.

and I thought you had huge boners for GAF. And I been to OPA, that place is meh.

I do but that doesnt change the fact the mods rape kittens and its overrated.

Well, I applied around 6 months ago.

Still no reply.

I think if you signed up with a name that seems spammy (has numbers in it, has no capital letters, etc.) then you’ll probably have a lesser chance.

I tried signing on to GAF a few days ago. Why don’t they allow free e-mail addresses? That’s twelve levels of stupid.

Mine has no numbers, is just one word, and is capitalized the same as a name.

Maybe this is in a middle of reverse psychology in that they’ll choose the ones with numbers because all the spammers they get all act like names (kinda like all the spambots in here!) :Q

Because the admins know trolls/spammer might come back if they get banned and barring their IP doesn’t good enough. So work/college e-mails and such troubleshoots that. It’s dumb yeah, but the GAF community is mostly devoted to people in the game industry and they want to make it harder to sign up.

And here I thought it was devoted to pretentious fanboy retards…

Online communities that attempt to be so exclusive succeed only in looking like pompous jackasses.

It is.