So is it just the people online in Rainbow 6 Vegas who are assholes...

Or is it all Tom Clancy games?

I know it’s not Xbox Live, because I can play games where people AREN’T complete assholes. So, it must be this game or this series or this franchise in particular.

Well, I’ve found that most assholes play:

-Tom Clancy Games (Hicks and assholes)
-Halo Games (Children assholes)
-SOCOM Games (Mostly annoying hicks, and the occasional asshole)

No, unfortunately. BTW, last night I learned from some random racist guy on XBL that I’m a pussy because I’m majoring in creative writing.

Well, there’s always Party Chat. Or the Mute button.

HEY!!! :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

To me everyone online besides friends (which i never got to play with) are assholes.

I’ve only had rare occasions with assholes in Ghost Recon games, more often than not the only unusual things about people is a lot of military types who get off on tangents about weapons that aren’t even in the game. When my team gets dicks in them, they usually don’t live long (no, no team killing, but you’d be surprised how fast you die with zero team support)


Oh god, that made me lol so hard.