So, is dedicated handheld gaming dead now...?

So now with the 3DS officially retired, there are no dedicated handheld gaming devices anymore. I guess Cell Phones and undocked Switches are the wave of the future now?

It certainly doesn’t help with consoles like switch that have it as an option and everyone being more and more work from home or out of a job and can’t afford an additional console just for out and about gaming.

I think it’s largely dead yeah. Mobile is the only thing left that scratches the mainstream itch for people and I find that gaming experience to be largely horrible. Mobile meaning free to play, microtransaction based games. Not the handheld aspect itself.

The Switch Lite is kinda the spiritual successor to the PS Vita, of all things.

It cannot be docked and doesn’t feature replaceable controllers, so I consider it a dedicated handheld.

Discrete handheld gaming platforms – meaning hardware where development/porting work has to start from scratch, is probably dead, sure. The Switch Lite shares the same platform as its non-handheld brother, so they share the same game library. I’m not sure this is a bad thing, since you can see that the Switch today offers both handheld/indie/2D/2.5D games you’d see on mobile, as well as large-budget AAA “home console” type games.

To make my point clearer, the Switch has both Breath of the Wild and Link’s Awakening. I’m glad we don’t have to choose platforms anymore.

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I personally wasn’t a huge fan of dedicated mobile.

I really hated when sequels to series would go handheld where previously they were home console based. It also lead to the battle of which is a superior gaming experience etc.

Why not both?!

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I didn’t mind it generally, but I can say for sure that it was why I didn’t put as many hours into Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate as I did the other games.

  • Got into the series with Tri on Wii
  • Loved that 3 Ultimate was on both 3DS and Wii U and featured cross-save (albeit in a finnicky manual process, but hey, TRANSFARRING was hip at the time); I’d do gathering or easy missions on handheld (10-20 mins), then take on the big bosses (30-40 mins) at home
  • Enjoyed 4 Ultimate on 3DS but I couldn’t play it for extended times on mobile – I realize that’s how most of the MH base played until that point, but I needed a real controller and larger screen for fine-control
  • Skipped Generations on 3DS for that reason, and also it seemed like a weird spinoff
  • The lack of Monster Hunter in my life led me to biting the bullet and getting Generations Ultimate on Switch despite thinking it was a weird spinoff, and I’m glad I did cause it really isn’t (they added some totally optional moves for all the weapon classes); it’s basically 4 Ultimate with even more content

Looking back I sympathize with the people disappointed Dragon Quest 9 went handheld.

Between the switch being a hybrid console, Xbox pushing their service on mobile, and most of the stupid popular viral games being released on everything including phones/tablets, we’ve kind of gone past the need for dedicated handheld consoles.

I’d still like a new playstation portable. Just used for downloading older games and streaming PS5 games. Give it a few years and give me a portable PS4.

Don’t forget Stadia!

j/k, everyone has forgotten Stadia.

What’s Stadia? Does it taste good?

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It makes for a good sugar substitute.

That’s Stadia, right?


Stadia is how old southern people say stadium. “That there’s the stadia where people pass the old pig skin”


In terms of being handheld only probably. At least I hope Nintendo continues on the hyrbid style of systems.

Handheld gaming truly died with the PSP/DS era everything after that felt like portable games trying way too hard to be console games on the go.

The 3DS was built around a gimmick due to the TV industry and James Cameron inflating interest in 3D displays and the Vita could never compete because it didn’t have the full backing of Sony and the industry behind it.

There will never be anything purer that a white DS Lite and a Grey PSP 2000 series. The DS lite having Apple like design that was built around utility in style and the PSP feeling futuristic with its wide screen display and spinning drive. :heart:

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Man imagine a magnesium DS Lite instead of plastic… would have been absolute heaven.

The DSi had a great design too but was otherwise a very weird system.

IMO Nintendo should have stuck with the “dual screen” icon at the top of the Lite for all DS/3DS models going forward, it could have been as iconic as the Apple logo or Google’s new “G” icon (OK maybe not that much, but close.)

I remember browsing for hours (RIP – fuck Sony) looking at import DS Lites since it took like 8 months for the model to hit the US, and Japan was already racking up tons of new colors and special editions in the meantime.