So... how many people out there also watch...

Iron Chef America? --Successor to the cult japanese cooking series that mixes the tradition of your favorite public access cooking show, with the brutality and vengeance of a Mortal Kombat tournament.

It’s one of the more entertaining cooking shows out there. Sure, it’s missing the charm of the original with it’s Japanese style and cheesy voice actor translations, but it’s the next best damned thing.

Anyhoo… I had never seen this commercial before…


I fucking LOVE Iron Chef America. It’s the only show I really watch on the Food Network.

Mini-Marathon is on tonight (only 3 hours left), but they’re doing recent episodes, so… shrug

Battle Octopus right now.

That show and good eats are the only shows I will watch on the food network.

It’s all about Top Chef on Bravo, my friends.

Ace Of Cakes… nuff said

No Reservations>>>>> All other food shows. But yeah I do watch a ton of Food Network and Iron Chef is really good.

I never realized before, but there were 5 “potato” battles and “one mixed food featuring potato” battle, from the original series.