So Funny Story...

I’m working GDC next week.

My Job?

An interviewer. I’m going to be interviewing game designers and and and…collapses


That’s really awesome. So what panels are you gonna attend?? And who are you planning to interview??

As many people as I possibly can! I have like what, four days to do it? I am so frickin’ stoked!

Also, because the person giving me this job is also a personal friend of mine, and happens to be the director of GDC, I get to go to all the after parties and mingle with game designers!

must contain real life excitement on the internet


Who are you interviewing for?

Just how much don’t we know about you, Daystar?

[quote=“Andrex”]Who are you interviewing for?

Just how much don’t we know about you, Daystar?[/quote]

I’m interviewing for GDC. So a lot of my questions revolve around how GDC is helping the industry move forward, etc.

Also, there is quite a bit you guys don’t know about me. But that’s okay. At least in the future I’ll be able to experience obliviousness somewhere.


So is there any specific thing you guys want me to look out for? I’m thinking about doing a blog for the week so I can share the experience and stuff.

See if you can pin down Sakamoto for a few seconds and ask him why we still haven’t got a trailer for Other M despite it releasing in 4 months. :frown;

Kick. Ass.

Wait shouldn’t this be in Gaming? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah probably. :confused;


You’ll have try to try get some autographs too.

Could we, like, give you questions, and can you, like, ask them, and I’ll, like, post them on the front page? :Q

Could be Gforum’s first exclusive. I’d even make you my right hand man-, err, woman! Sorry Kumi.

Well yeah but the one at E3 counts as one. Anyways hopefully she’ll get to ask about some stuff like Xenoblade, The Last Story and other stuff. Maybe she could ask about why there hasn’t been some Nintendo franchises on the Wii I notice both Star Fox and F-Zero haven’t made any appearance on the Wii. There’s also the renewing of the Eternal Darkness trademark.

Either way ask as much as you can I know I’d appreciate to hear more about a wide variety of things.

That’s awesome. Look forward to see you on TV/stream. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll do my very best to ask questions off the record of the questions I’m supposed to be asking. Gotta do my job after all so that hopefully I can go back next year too. I’m thinking more and more that I want to do a blog every night after the conference, maybe I could somehow link that to gforum? I’m debating whether to make it a video blog or just a written one.

As far as being your right hand woman Andrex, I’m afraid I’ll have to refuse. :wink: I’m very happy with my no-one-cares persona on this forum and plus I wouldn’t want to be stealing any titles from anyone. Peace and happy people, peace and happy. :stuck_out_tongue: I would, though, like to do something for gforum in terms of content. I think that’d be fun. Maybe the week after next I can be part of a Gcast for a bit or something?

Anyway, that’s far off. Until then I’m trying to get information on what developers are going to be there and such…Wheeeee! Oh, and Juno my interviews should end up being on the GDC official website at some point. I’ll post links if and when they pop up.


How about instead of you linking to Gforum, Gforum will link to you? If you do a video blog I’ll embed it on the front page. If it’s a normal blog we can discuss if you want the full thing reproduced on Gforum or if you just want a blurb and a linkback to your blog. Your choice. I’d also be happy to link to all your interviews after the show is over in a single update.

I think it would be great if you joined the GCast. People were complaining last ep was a sausage fest. :lol

I have to be honest, at first I thought you were joking. But… you’re really going! That’s incredible! I guess since I never heard about you being in the gaming industry it really caught me off guard. Wow.

Oh! Did you sign up for the free phone offer they had? It was really sweet.

That’s another thing! I gotta think of some questions for the Android team… :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s your new other M trailer andrex.

I saw it. Looks OK.

I’m leaving for San Francisco tomorrow morning guys. :Q

I should have a blog post up tomorrow night…and the blog in general. Haha. I’ll post the link here when it’s a go. I’ll be writing every night starting tomorrow and ending next saturday, so tune in for some hands-on not-a-journalist-or-a-professional perspective. I hope it at least amuses you with bad writing if nothing else.

Wish me luck!


Congratulations, that sounds nifty. I bet you’re with IGN, don’t try to deny it. :slight_smile:

Get us some exclusive info for us.