so fallout 3....

pretty much incredibly amazingly awesome, amazing atmosphere and RPG elements make this game almost completely different from a FPS(the way it’s supposed to be imo), and i enjoy the vault boy bobblehead that came with the limited edition a whole lot as well, it makes me happy :smiley:
anybody else have any thoughts on the game?


Well, I’m sold.

:frowning: i beat the main story quests already 5 levels under cap(20), kinda sucks that the story’s over that quick but i reloaded and im gonna do some side quests till i get to 20

:Q What? That soon? Dayum…

If anything in this game is as awesome as the Battle of Kvatch in Oblivion, it’s a must have in my book.

after the first oblivion gate right? I guess the ending sequence is pretty epic(mini nukes are flying left and right) but the actual ending kinda sucks…like a lot >_> i wont say anything other then that for spoilers but yeah, it was pretty disappointing, the game’s still incredibly amazing though

There’s my character so far. I’m only level 3 and haven’t done anything with the main quest and hardly even touched the side quests. Just like in Oblivion, I’m finding myself enjoying running around and finding things more than questing. Though I’ll start on some soon.

And yes, I found the dog.

dude wtf i went to the minefield and i never found dogmeat, where is he? o_O
also oddly enough your character looks a lot like you…

He’s in the Scrapyard that is Southeast of Minefield.

Yeah… I know…It’s kinda creepy and I get a disturbing feeling whenever she dies… o.o