So... close...


So close. So very close.

What’s unfair about it is SMG has 15 more reviews. I bet if GTA4 PS3 had even 10 more reviews it’d be lower.

Hopefully, SMG2 will balance things out a little.

And that’s another thing. There’s two versions of GTA4 on this list. Two Orange Boxes. Two RE4s. Two LoZ: TPs. GameRankings should force there to be only one version on their big list. Take a composite or average, I don’t care.

Anyways, thoughts on this or GR as a whole?

I liked Majora’s Mask 1,000x more than Ocarina so i think the whole list is bollocks :stuck_out_tongue:

None of those games belong in the top 3.

It’s unfair because if it was fair all the reviews would even out like 15 reviews on each game.


One of them does. :stuck_out_tongue:

A month ago I was gonna start a site exactly like that. “Pure Reviews”, it was going to be called. Was only going to have the reviewers from the “old age”, so that NES, SNES, and the like games could be counted on even footing with new games. However, I found out too few of those still existed and do new reviews as well (EGM+1up and Nintendo Power were the only ones that met the suitable criteria), so I dropped it. Just one of the many Andrex Ideas™ that doesn’t leave the gate.

Here is exactly what I thought when I saw this:

“…Oh that’s what he’s talking about…Ok.”

With so many people reviewing games now a days, it is possible that OoT might not have that high of a score. There are plenty of douchebag reviews today compared to years ago.

gamerankings is pointless now that theyve done away with pie charts . . .

u mad

The top 10 at Gamerankings is and always has been a joke.

Hopefully, SMG2 will balance things out a little.
Is SMG 2 going to raise the rankings of the first somehow?! The sequel will have to be head and shoulders amazing above the first one to surpass it, as much is based on the reviewer’s sense of “wow, I havn’t sen that before”. While the trailers for SMG 2 show a ton of new stuff, all the basics are the same, so that same sense of “wow!” won’t be there for the core gameplay.

I’m also just curious…have you even spent any time playing GTA IV? Yes, as many who have played it will point out it does get overly long, bordering on boring after a while, and the multiplayer did need to be better, but just sitting down and playing it, the world itself, the story and characters, it really didn’t get over rated (as a whole)

I only see one that doesn’t belong there.

Actually there are two.:wink:

It’s possible. Because of the hype of the second one coming out, some websites may go back and review the first.

Indeed. But in Nintendo EAD I trust.

Wait, so you’re saying that despite it being boring and online being bonked, it deserved the cavalcade of perfect scores it got? Does not compute. Most people I’ve seen on GAF seem to think it was a step back from San Andreas. Me, personally, I couldn’t tell you, but that does seem to say something.

San Andreas was shit.
GTA IV is not.

The online felt like a crummy add-on, though.

[quote=“nothere413”]San Andreas was shit.
GTA IV is not.

The online felt like a crummy add-on, though.[/quote]

Wow San Andreas is the shit and GTA4 online is really fun. I have played it longer than five seconds so I know.

GTA IV is all based on depth of play and story, unlike SA and even VC. They decided to go back to GTA 3’s formula of being a crime drama instead of a sandbox king of the crime hill type of game, and that’s why many of those who loved SA didn’t like it, it’s not about killing everyone and owning everything. Sure it has some of those elements (or it wouldn’t be GTA), but it’s about following the main character’s story as it plays out, for better or worse. And boring is based on each individual’s perception of the story, I was held all the way through, but I can see where it could happen.

Most of the reviewers likly had time to play the game’s engine (which was great), see the graphics (awosme), and play some of the story (which can take 30+ hours to finish). Since reviewers don’t spend that much time on average on a game, you can see how even if a game gets a little tedious near the end of it’s story, the reviewers might not catch that (like saying that there’s issues with the story on FF VII on disc 3… it’s just not going to come up in a review of such a lenghty game). Many also reviewed it before it’s release and online wasn’t really going much. It was ok online, it just didn’t stand up to long term scrutiny. There are many reviewers who would probably downgrade the game based on the online if re-reviewed, but that’s not going to happen.

Note: I’ve liked all the GTA games since GTA3 (3, VC, SA, IV)