So Ballad of Gay Tony is going to be on XBL Marketplace in a couple of hours

Who’s going to download it?

I would rather buy Episodes of Liberty City. It has both Ballad of Gay Tony AND The Lost and The Damned.

I just got back from Wal-Mart trying to get it they said they did not have it I called about 5 other Wal-Mart stores they all said the same. Where can I get this tonight without having to wait until tomorrow morning?

That depends. How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?

Downloading now.:cool;

You people disappoint me why no posts this is the best out of the two expansions and so far better than 4.


u mad

You haven’t played GTA IV that much, do you.

Single player is awesome, I loved it and Yusuf Amir is awesome. I’m glad that Omid Djalili voiced the character.

Multiplayer though isn’t that great. All there is in multiplayer is deathmatch, races, and fooling around with the Buzzard and Parachute.

He asked why there were no posts while the forum was down.


You also don’t have to have GTAIV to play them which is great for those punks who got rid of it. :disgust;:slight_smile: