Silent Hill movie discussion thread

Since half the active users at this moment are watching the movie, I figured I would just make a thread.

So… Thoughts?

Is it on TV or something?

No, Andrex is watching it.

He made me wanna watch it.

So Gillian and I are watching it. I’m streaming it if anyone is interested… But we’re like half an hour into it and I’m not restarting it.

Nah, I started watching about it and because I’m awesome everyone started talking about it and watching it too.

I’ll probably post my full “impressions” when the movie’s over. /Kumi :stuck_out_tongue:

No, but we have alot of horror nerds on this site.

I don’t get this whole “streaming” thing you do.

We are keep tracking of how many times promise reprise is used in this movie once so far.

She watches it while a program on the computer streams the video to a website that makes it so everyone can watch it from her computer.

Got a problem with that? :neutral_face:

So if everyone keeps talking about “streaming” stuff, why does no one ever post a link?

Because I did this randomly :stuck_out_tongue:

My stream

I’m not really a horror nerd… :confused; At least per se. I do enjoy the genre though.

Oh I see!

My stream isn’t good enough for you!

What if I do? You wanna make something of it, missy?


Two times

I will simply sit quietly in the corner, engulfing myself in darkness that is as thick and as black as my hollowed soul. I shall wallow in despair as I accept my fate of being hated for living.

u mad?

I do not feel anger. I do not feel happiness. I do not even feel sadness. I am but a shell of a human who has gone numb from a lifetime of neglect.

Why am I dating you?:frown;

Cause you’re into emo chicks? :stuck_out_tongue: