Shane Bettenhausen talks about stuff that will likely be at E3

On 4guys1up at about and hour and four minutes.

Theme of E3 Natal and Arc he says both probably aren’t final names and clearly doesn’t see them as new consoles like Microsoft at least claimed at one point. Wii sequel probably not at E3 and surprise also DS2 and PSP2 which according to him are similar and are going to be competitive. Apparently the handhelds are going to fight over third parties which is weird I’d figure if they are pretty similar they’d end up putting the games on both.

Thanks for the news Shane.

I hoped we’d never have to hear from him when he went to Ignition. >_<

At least he’s cool for telling us info’s. His studio also published Muramasa and soon Arc Rise Fantasia too bad its coming out so late if they had it out sooner people might have cared. Now it has to compete with Xenoblade and The Last Story hype sorry but as interesting as Arc Rise Fantasia is I’m not sure it can compete with these titles.


Ohhh shit now I miss Luke Smith too :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

<3 Shane <3

Meh. Doesn’t pertain to me, for the most part.

Great. Its still 4 months away. Still too far to care.

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Ohhh shit now I miss Luke Smith too :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

<3 Shane <3[/quote]

You can have him.

Shoe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shane. :Q

You would support someone who also slobbers at the heel of Master Chief :confused:

But that aside Shoe was an amazing Editor in Chief, every EGM I got no matter what was on the cover I would read Shoe’s editorial first.