Set your calendars for July 9th...

That’s when Penn and Teller take on VIDEOGAME VIOLENCE and Jack Thompson’s long awaited interview will air.


Too bad I don’t have Showtime. There will be a way.

Penn and Teller are one of my heroes… I need to find away to see this episode. I’ve been waiting since I found out they are doing a Video Game Violence epiosde.

If it’s in media, and you have an online connection, you can see it. It’s all a matter of know where to look and the persistence to look hard enough.

Here is a sample of things to come.

Looks like the episode will go up on their website a few days after airing (albeit edited for swearing and possibly nudity).

I’m going to get the best kind of popcorn I can find.

In 3 parts the whole episode


In 3 parts the whole episode[/quote]

Pause at :49 and look at the teleprompter in the bottom left.

Wow that ending really came out of no where O_o

I’m surprised. Showtime on Demand already has the episode up as of this morning… yet, it still only has this passed wednesday’s episode of Beverly Hills Bordello.

What gives? :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to get Shotime. :stuck_out_tongue: