See me make a fool of myself!


If all goes well, I will be streaming the Resident Evil remake.

If that fucks up…(And it might. It does run with lag and it crashed last time)…I will play some original Resident Evil or maybe Spyro or something…

I’ll give you a cookie if everything runs okay.

What type of cookie…?

By the way, I will have some music playing while I get things set up.

Play porn.

I used to do live streams…

[SPOILER]But no one came :frowning:[/SPOILER]


Bow chika bow wow chikachika whee.

edit: It’s like super Matrix slo-mo in that stream. Play some ragtime in the time being!

Damn it! It froze!

It was good while it lasted. Even though I only caught the last 10 minutes.

Here’s a cookie:

Fuck yeah!

It’s offline. :\