RUMOR: No More Heroes coming to PS3/360.

More likely

Also, NeoGAF says it was true.

Awesome… As long as we don’t HAVE to use the motion controls…

They better not…

It’s no rumor it’s real. It’s in the Fami table of contents. I was gonna wait to make a thread when the scans of the game came out.

Stop blowing your load early Juno >_>

That’s what she said…

i could not resist

I know that’s when they come to me. :cool;


unconfirmed Details

-Advance Mode added
-Japanese dubbing added (Nakano, Daizuka, Kurota, Konishi, Takanori? don’t know Japanese VAs, will look it up in a sec)
-Erotic Portrait added

… and!!


-February 25, 5,800 Yen[/size]

WOOOOOOT Import get :smiley:

Stop blowing your load early Juno >_>[/quote]

I just couldn’t help it, so shut up. :plain;

Fuckin’ sold!

Suddenly I might be interested in No More Heroes.

This isn’t a rumor, this is common sense.

Scans is up!

[quote=“The_Juno”]More likely

Also, NeoGAF says it was true.[/quote]

Kind of sad you all care now but couldn’t care less before. Great for the series however.

Cool, still have to beat the first one but i might check these out just to see the gameplay changes

Fucking great the first game is on my top 5 favorite games list I’ll be getting this.

I really don’t understand the mindset of some people who, for some reason, start liking a game once it comes to a new platform when it has already been out for over a year on another.

B/c if its not coming to a platform you own or plan to buy you’re not paying that much attention to it.



Damn you have a good memory. >_>


In some cases people get excited over a game b/c they are looking for an excuse to piss away $300.

Also if Boogie doesn’t come to Natal EA is just crazy >_<

Fair enough. It’s just that I see video game elitists will do everything to discredit the Wii, by any means necessary. Sorta like how Obama’s presidency is treated.

I’ve always wanted to play No More Heroes but because I lacked the Wii I never had a chance to. A friend of mine played it and he said it was awesome.