Retailers pleased with PSP Go ... because it helps sell the PSP-3000



That image is lol.

Good. I hope the Go fails massively hard.


The price in the UK is ridiculous. It’s launched at like $360 over there.

But, guys! I love my PSP[SPOILER]-3000.[/SPOILER]


[quote=“Kumiko”]But, guys! I love my PSP[SPOILER]-3000.[/SPOILER]

And I don’t think anyone would call you out on that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the original PSP. Would be nice to get the video out ports, but oh well. I read the PSP-3000 suffered from a weaker screen than the previous models though???

Some more ghosting and horizontal lines are what I heard.

The pixels were realigned so an interlacing like effect can appear on fasting moving objects

PSP Go doesnt have this issuse

I had a PSP-2000 for about a year. After the Dissidia came out, we had someone trade in the bundle. They must not have liked the game [SPOILER]or stole it >_>[/SPOILER]. So I was being taunted by a hardly played PSP-3000 just as the used price at GameStop dropped.

I took some time one day to compare my PSP-2000 to the PSP-3000, trying to decide if it would be worth upgrading to, especially since I bought my original 2000 used and it’s screen was a bit scratched up. I was aware of that PSP-3000s were prone to dead pixel issues but I didn’t see any issues with the PSP-3000’s screen being weaker.

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking…

All I know is I’ve had my PSP-3000 for awhile now and love it.