Resident Evil Wii? -> Code Veronica? -> March 12th?

March 6th:


March 7th:


Don’t let me down like EA, Capcom! UC was great but I wouldn’t want a direct sequel to it. Don’t get me wrong, a rails-shooter taking place in RE2, RE4, and RE5 would be pretty cool, but that rumored remake of 2 sounds so much better. I wouldn’t even care if it used RE4’s controls or not, I’m slowly getting used to the terrible classic controls. RE4: Wii Edition controls would be vastly preferred, however. Especially since EA’s psych-out with Dead Space Extraction has left me wanting a good Wii TPS.

It would be very hard to have a sequel to UC since UC was basically an attempt to summarize the series, fill in some holes, and include a filler for the time between Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4. Some of it was alright but a lot felt out of place and a lot was left out.

A remake (and by this I mean updated graphics, maybe new controls, more scenes, etc…) of Code Veronica would be highly appreciated since it’s debatable to have the best story in the series.

Plus there’s plenty of Wesker. :heart;

Yeah. If they use every ounce of the Wii’s power, make up for what they did with Dead Rising, it’d be a beautifully horrific game. The REmake still has the best “realistic” graphics I’ve ever seen, granted it cheated a little and I haven’t studied every pixel of the best looking PS360 games, but it could still look great and scary.

The controls are a different argument though… If they actually do go with the controls of the old games, then they could theoretically make it look better than the REmake. However, I’d doubt they’d do that since they did shoehorn Dead Rising of all games into RE4’s control scheme.

Although who knows, it could be some lame inventory-managing Flash game for the Wii browser for all we know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that’s one thing I don’t understand about how developers have handled the Wii. Both the Remake and RE0 were amazing for their time. Hell when seeing the footage in the Retrospective even seven years later, I was still impressed by how they looked. Not meaning to say that Wii games are ugly, but it just blows my mind that early GameCube games could look good but yet we haven’t seen anything of that quality on the Wii yet.

It might be a Remake of RE2. In an interview, Takeichu mentioned that Capcom was aware of the fan base wanting a remake of it. So who knows.

I wouldn’t say “anything”…

Well I was more or less referring to the feeling I got when I saw the Remake/RE0 for the first time when they first came out. I was stunned and surprised that the GameCube could do that.

With most Wii games (at least the ones I’ve played), I was expecting them to look the way they did.

Does that make sense? I have to quickly explain myself in between matches.

You’re saying you expected the Wii to produce the “wow-factor” you got with those games, despite the Wii being GameCube 2.5?

Yeah, basically.

I think you’re going to have to wait for the dying throws of this generation before you see Wii games approach such a level.

But I have no doubt they’ll come eventually.

If only Factor5 didn’t go under…

I’m not holding my breath.

I don’t feel like fainting.

[quote=“Kumiko”]I’m not holding my breath.

I don’t feel like fainting.[/quote]


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