Resident Evil 8: Village

Haven’t been this excited for a new RE since RE5 :hyper:

Hopefully it works out. :stuck_out_tongue: Love the Euro setting. Need to play RE7 to prepare seems like.

Same here but I was pretty damn excited for 7 and it was fantastic.

But yes, absolutely required to play RE7 first lol I didn’t expect Ethan’s story to continue like THIS lol

Yeah, I read a basic outline of 7 and that Chris had an almost-obligatory cameo to provide the most basic of connections to the overall series… I figured with 8 they’d leave Ethan where he was and return to Chris/Leon/Ada/Claire/etc., maybe revisiting him in DLC missions or spinoffs or he’d be mentioned in research files, etc.

The fact they’re making a direct sequel to 7 shows balls and tells me they view 7 as absolutely essential to the overall series.

Since you know some spoilers I can say it is hilarious because they redesigned Chris in 7 and he is just some dude removing his helmet saying “I’m Redfield” and basically EVERY reactor I have seen including myself is like “Huh? That isn’t Chris!” because the face looked nothing like him LOL

Seems like 8 brought back the actual Chris Redfield RE5-esque look. He looks like the RE Vendetta animated movie one basically. Glad the real legit Chris look is back lol IDK what they were thinking.



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I saw a pic and had the same reaction. :lol: Not gonna lie it put me off playing a little lol.

Really glad RE5ish Chris is back.

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That’s because plot twist this new Chris ain’t Chris… but Carlos from RE3 Remake!

Listen to the voice it even sounds like Jeff Schine who voiced him. It also makes more sense appearance-wise since you can kinda believe an older Carlos looking like RE8 Chris.

I thought it was another spinoff until they “pointed out” that it wasnt. good show, capcom

It’s a new mainline Resident Evil game so of course I’m excited, but the trailer show nothing and something at the same time. It’s not much to go on.

-Direct sequel to re7 (first person)

Enough for me. :slight_smile: Reminds me of RE4 a lot. :grin: