Resident Evil 5: Collector's Edition

Back from the launch, guys, and honestly…It was pretty dull. There weren’t very many people there until close to midnight which kind of makes me feel like I wasted my time bringing Degeneration to show. But eh. Anyway, here’s what came in the Collector’s Edition and Limited Edition Guide Book (Yes, I bought it. I had to; it had a Resident Evil calendar!):

Nice haul. :up;:Q Is that an iron-on BSAA patch?

I wanted to get the House of the Dead special edition but I couldn’t find it. :sad; And fricking Australia of all places gets this:

I actually DREAMED I got it two nights ago. :sad;

No, it’s a patch that needs to be stitched on. Meaning that I’m going to have to have someone else stitch it on for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I didn’t even know Overkill had a Collector’s Edition.

Yeah it’s so pretty. :frowning: Comes with a prequel comic.

I just watched the video that you have a pic of in your sig. He did not even give KZ2 the time of day to review it! That was some cold shit.

You’re actually taking Yahtzee’s words to heart…? :confused;

I know right. :lol

I think he’ll do it eventually and then we’ll get another “mailbag” video of hate like the SSBB one. :stuck_out_tongue: