Real-life vitural Miku Vocaliod is on the stage


What is this…I don’t even…

That’s the stupidest thing…

Thanks for the nightmares.:neutral_face:

Her dance moves suck


Has Japan built its evil empire and taken over the world yet?

They have but they can’t launch their death Gundams b/c both China and the US have nuclear missiles and can nuke the entire island into the sea.

Japan is now working on a bubble that can repeal the missiles but let the death Gundams pass through

So basically the plot to Big O?

Or rather what I imagine the plot to Big O is since I can’t be asked to watch that boring-ass anime. I actually love it. <3


Cast in the name of God Ye not guilty!

I like Big-O’s art style but I got bored during the first season and only caught like the last 3 eps of the second. It just never grabbed me probably b/c it felt too much like Batman with mechs…errrrr those 2 things don’t go well together -_-

Yeah it doesn’t help that’s what Toonami was trying to sell it as, which is where I first heard about it. But it’s a great anime to have on in the background.