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If they do this then I’ll probably get a Pixelbook… It’s possible to boot Linux on any Chromebook pretty easily but you lose some of what makes Chrome OS special, so to have an official blessed way to run another OS (particularly another OS that can utilized Adobe apps, of which I’m fond of) would be killer. The hardware is so good, too.

Wish it had 8th Gen Intel though.

Read the headline and kinda puked in my mouth a bit. Windows 10 is such a massive headache, I feel like it should be avoided at all costs. Just last month the firewall decided to get screwy and I could no longer cast from my laptop to Google Home or Chromecast. I finally just gave up and switched back to using Ubuntu full time.

Anyways, I’m glad there will be an official way to install another OS because I feel like even with Android apps Chrome OS is still gonna feel limited.

I’ve used W10 on my dad’s laptop. It’s OK.

Honestly, Windows 7 + Google’s Material Design would have probably been the best desktop OS ever. Until then, Chrome OS (with the occasional dual boot) will do.

Since it’s been 6 months, I think I’ll wait for the next Pixelbook (and for whatever bugs dual booting initially has to be fixed.)

…just as I was considering asking my two non-SMS contacts from FB Messenger to join Allo… Ugh, Hangouts died for this?

I’m excited for RCS and how all this cool shit is getting baked into the default texting app for (some) Android devices, but without Google Voice support it’s useless for me. :frowning:

Why doesn’t it support Google voice?

RCS seems like a decent replacement for SMS but still a far cry from iMessage which effectively cuts carriers out completely.

Because Google hasn’t gotten around to it and/or it’s too hard.

Voice didn’t have MMS until like 3-4 years ago, and it’s also still not available outside Canada and the US. It is getting Wi-Fi calling soon/now though, which is nice.


Jesus, finally!

Also batch uploading is coming to Stories (again, finally.)

How is it even possible to fuck up this badly? :thinking:

It’s called The Edge because Microsoft is on the edge of failure in many ways

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They should start running TV ads again. The ie9 ones were cool.


Now they just need to make Youtube Premium TV with no ads.

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The Pixel Buds were $30 off at Best Buy yesterday so I finally caved. They should be here in a week.

I bought the first Google Assistant-enabled headphones (Bose QuietComfort 35 II) last winter, but the over-ear design is too hot to wear comfortably in the summer. They’re fantastic for the office though, great noise cancelling.

So now I’ll have the second Assistant-enabled buds. Got the white color for that panda look.

Pretty sure I’m going to get the Pixelbook soon. The only Google products from that October event I won’t have will be the Google Home Max and that weird Clips camera thing lol. And I’m pretty sure I’ll cave on the Max eventually… and the second-gen Pixel Buds.

I just ordered this controller. I can’t take Sony’s DS4 nonsense anymore!

I’d be interested to know how the Dpad is on that one. The DS4 One is fine but no where near as good as the Xbone or Vita

The Switch Pro Controller d-pad SUCKS. I thought everyone else was crazy, cause honestly it doesn’t feel too bad, but trying to pull off complex moves in Xeodrifter was maddening.

I watched one review that said the D-pad is not so good on the Hori Onyx.

For the record, I think the DS4 is an improvement over the DS3. I just prefer the Xbox design. Karak at ACG recommended the Onyx, and he’s pretty experienced with peripherals, so I have moderate-high expectations. It doesn’t have the headphone jack or speaker, but those are no big loss to me.

Bleh that sucks, I guess I’ll just buy a fight pad one day.

The only thing I didn’t really care for on the XB1 controller were the shoulder buttons. They felt too clicky and made Dmc a bit of a pain to play. Otherwise I think they are both fine, I’m starting to come around to Sony swapping out the stick layout in the future because I sometimes find myself hitting the touchpad when using the sticks.

Also I’m gonna bitch about it until I’m dead but the DS4 has totally unacceptable battery life. I don’t care what they did to mitigate it it’s still a pain and I hate it SO MUCH.

Yeah, the DS4’s battery life is unacceptable. i know it adds weight, but I’ll take a battery pack any day over that mess.

40 hours for the Switch Pro Controller :sunglasses:

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