PSP is 5 years old


What are your top 5 favorite PSP games? Here’s mine.

Offered free DLC. It was Mario Kart on steroids.

GTA Games, all of them, but specifically

DJ Max Portable 2, its pretty gay and Jpop-y. But I was addicted to it. The next games got buggy and bullshit, and didn’t improve on anything. This was the only good one.

Megaman Powered Up. I’d argue its the best Megaman game despite the zoomed in camera. I fucking made levels all the damn time, and played other levels. Sucks I bought it when they stopped updating the game. It offered free DLC, free levels, from the community and from the company itself. You just don’t get that anymore. HIGHLY underrated, even from the Megaman community.

Rock Band: Unplugged. It was a great time waster. And it was somewhat like Amplitude. Amplitude is the greatest game on the planet btw, fyi.

  1. Gitaroo Man LIVES!
  2. Phantasy Star Portable
  3. EveryDay Shooter
  4. Wipeout Pulse


This is probably the second best puzzle game for me (first being Tetris,) and I still love playing it. Excellent gameplay, and the music is really good. Lumines II brought double the content and definitely delivered (except for maybe most of the American licensed music, but those don’t make up even a fourth of the soundtrack anyway.)

Guilty Gear Judgment

What can I say? I love Guilty Gear, and while the brawler portion of the game won’t make you think it’s better than Turtles in Time or Castle Crashers, it’s still fun and I actually whiled away the hours with it in a laundromat.


The mind-bending puzzles are what pretty much make this game for me. You can switch from 3D to 2D and back and you need it to collect marbles and reach the exit. (Pretty funny how this game came out the same year as Super Paper Mario.)

Me & My Katamari

This game actually got panned quite a good deal from the critics, but I actually liked the fact you can play Katamari on the go. And it was actually pretty easy to get used to not having two analog sticks to control the Katamari. What was also nice is that it included the songs from both of the previous Katamari games.

Ultimate Ghosts 'N Goblins

Heh, this game is quite the challenge. A modern gamer today would probably cry at this game, but I still think it’s quite fun, despite its hellish difficulty.

Funny thing is that I haven’t found a good racer I’m satisfied with on the PSP yet. I tried Wipeout, but the items made me turn away from it (future racers shouldn’t have items. :stuck_out_tongue:) Maybe I should try Gran Turismo PSP?

  1. Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X
  2. Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles
  3. WipeOut Pulse
  4. Mega Man: Powered Up!
  5. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

You dont have a PSP >_>

I’ve had one secretly since launch. The DS looked so ugly that I caved to my primal urges for sexay hardware. :frowning:

  1. Rengoku
  2. Metal Slug Anthology
  3. Persona PSP
  4. Final Fantasy I & II
  5. Jeanne D’Arc (Best PSP game EVER!)

You know, it seems like it was just yesterday when the PSP got it’s first game. My, how the time flies by.

Oh, wait… it was yesterday when the PSP got it’s first game. :\

Is it a bad thing that the only games I want to play in the PSP is God Of War: Chains of Olympus, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker?

Yes you are an awful person >_>

MGS Portable Ops also controlled like dog shit.

[SPOILER]Eat a dick Kojima![/SPOILER]

Is it wrong that the only PSP games I want to play are Daxter, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, and Tales of VS. (if it gets ported)?

Is it wrong that I bought a PSP Go and did this to it?


Pointless handled is pointless.