PSP Go! begins to resolve my skepticism.

[quote]The PSP Go will have ‘extensive line-up’ from launch as older UMD games will be re-released onto the PlayStation Store and available for users to download.

That was the promise given by Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE Worldwide Studios.

“We have been working to release our UMD titles, old and new, via electronic distribution so consumers who buy PSP Go will have an extensive line-up of games to choose from on day one,” said Yoshida-san in an internal PlayStation interview.[/quote]


I’m really hoping the ones I want will be included. Maybe I will end up getting a Go…

They also said they were working on a trade in system like how Warner Bros lets people trade in HDDVDs for Blu-rays.

Oh that’ll be real nice. I honestly just want Daxter, Radiant Mythology, and Portable Ops, though…

I really hope they offer some sort of exchange system because I really don’t want to rebuy a digital version of a game I already own if I want to play it on the go without having to carry two systems if I want to upgrade to the PSP Go.

I still want hard copies of my PSP games; it’ll take alot of work to convince me to “upgrade.”