Project Needlemouse revealed tonight. Sonic's glorious return!!!

You had a problem with it because your faboyism got the better of you.

I had a problem with it because it was misrepresenting a console I own, yes. If someone said the DS only had one screen I’d call them out on that too (even if they “meant” that only one was a touch screen.)

Well he’s not the only person but whatever Nintendo keeps owning so companies will cave or suffer its pretty clear they dropped the ball. Bad software is because third parties are too caught up in the fact they bet on XBox 360 and PS3 and now don’t know anything. Nintendo has seen that constant focus on making things more expensive isn’t going to work out in the end.

[quote=“Andrex”]2.5D. Looks exactly like Sonic Rush 3 imo.

Which isn’t a bad thing, I loved the first Rush. But this is more analogous to NSMBWii than Megaman 9, despite the name.[/quote]

Yeah I’ve heard that alot from people last night I’m fine with this might be the best thing for the sonic franchise to just stick with 2D(2.5D:frown;) handheld and downloadable games they can’t seem to pull off 3D without some stupid idea.

Yup, completely agree. Though they don’t always get 2.5D right (Sonic Rivals.)

What do you guys think of it being an episodic game? I personally don’t like that.

It’s suppose to be just like the sonic 3 and sonic and knuckles situation and if it is then we get two full games which is awesome.

Even still naming it in episodes is dumb. Just call it Sonic 4, then Sonic 4 & ____, etc.

Well how else do they expect to be able to chage twice as much as it’s worth?

I have a feeling this is why its episodic. I understand its business but I really want game makers to go away from this crap.

Agreed. Thats why I love/hate DLC.

This could be like what valve is doing with half life 2 and no one bitches about that but lets just wait and see what they do before getting upset over it.

But… this is video games. We have nothing better to do other than to get Butthurt about nothing.

I laughed.

BitF is awesome.

Leaked footage and dimps the guys that did the advance and rush games the only really good recent sonic games are the developers

Looks kinda slow but its an early version so they could speed it up. Love the way Sonic looks

Yeah, the movement animations looked gross.

Dimps doing it is good.

That video was (mostly) bad, animation/physics-wise.

For a cheap download game I shouldn’t complain, I suppose.

Looks like Sega chose to do the best thing they could… and NOT develop the game.