Project Gforum Version 2 - Update Thread

I know there’s been a little controversy lately regarding Project Gforum Version 2, and I just wanted to assure that development is progressing well. While, as always, you should keep your expectations minimal, I do have some neat features planned that I think you’ll pleasantly enjoy.

That said, while development is going at a good pace, it seems that the final release will be later rather than sooner. So, in light of that, I’ve decided to shed some insight on some of the general information and answer some very general questions regarding Version 2. Although still in alpha phase and subject to change, I’ve hand-picked the data here as I believe it will be representative of the final version.

Here is some of the raw data I’ve collected:[color=Blue]Browsers Rendering v2 Flawlessly:[ul][li]Internet Explorer 7.x[/li]
[li]Internet Explorer 8.x[/li]
[li]Firefox 1.5[/li]
[li]Firefox 2.x[/li]
[li]Firefox 3.x[/li]
[li]Opera 8.x[/li]
[li]Opera 9.x[/li]
[li]Opera 10.x[/li]
[li]Chrome 0.x[/li]
[li]Chrome 1.x[/li]
[li]K-Meleon 1.5[/li]
[li]SeaMonkey 2.x[/li]
[li]Flock 1.x[/li]
[li]Flock 2.x[/li]
[li]Safari 3.x[/li]
[li]Galeon 2.x[/li]
[li]Epiphany 2.x[/li]
[li]Konquerer 3.5[/li]
[li]Kazehakase 0.5[/li]
[li]Iceape 1.x[/li]
[li]Iceweasel 3.x[/li]
[li]Avant 11.7[/li]
[li]Minefield 3.x[/li][/ul]

[color=Green]Browsers Rendering v2 With Very Minor Issues:[ul][li]Internet Explorer 6.x (Collision Detection)[/li]
[li]Opera 7.x (Shoutbox Appearance)[/li][/ul]

[color=Orange]Browsers Rendering v2 With Minor Issues:[ul][li]Netscape Navigator 9.x (No Shoutbox Display)[/li]
[li]Dillo 0.8 (Barely any CSS, no iFrames)[/li][/ul]

[color=Red]Tested Browsers Rendering a Completely Unusable v2:[ul][li]Internet Explorer 4.x[/li]
[li]Internet Explorer 5.x[/li][/ul]

Even more extensive browser testing should be underway as Version 2 matures.

Also, the new design for Version 2 (codename “τau”) is so flexible that, using one of the above “flawless” browsers, I have tested a completely usable iteration of τau using an 8-bit 640 x 480-resolution computer. Essentially, if you’re using a computer and browser as far back as 1999, you should be good to go with Version 2 (design-wise, at least), regardless of operating system or specs. That’s also not to say the design is simple or feature-less, but I’ll save that for later.

I plan on updating with new information once every one to two weeks (-ish), so check back often if you want to learn about Version 2 before its release.

Why have I never heard of SeaMonkey or IceWeasel?

They’re for the most part browsers for techies. IceWeasel is Mozilla on Debian Linux.

Note that these compatibilities are only for the design of v2 and that depending on the browser, some features may not work 100% (still much testing to be done.)

Also note that this is a major increase in compatibility from Version 1. I’m getting some hard numbers later, but even without them I know that v2 has had far less problems than v1 had (and still has, with a few specific browsers).

Not to be an ass, but I highly doubt anyone using those browsers will be using PGF anytime soon.

True, but I do have to plan for the future.

Obviously, Internet Explorer and Firefox are my main concerns. I do all my debugging in Opera because it’s so web developer-friendly (“Apply Changes” to page source saves me a ton of time and bandwidth), so that gets put at the top automatically.

Essentially, if it works in Opera, I expect it to work in Firefox (and it does, most of the time). Then if it works in IE7, my job’s practically done. My philosophy is that if you’re not using the latest version of your browser, you should already expect quirks here and there.

IE6 working well with v2 was actually an unforeseen side effect, but it was very welcome.

According, to Wikipedia, here’s the current marketshare for Internet Explorer and Firefox:

[code]Bold = Supported in v2, Italic = Untested

Internet Explorer 4 0.01%
Internet Explorer 5 0.05%
Internet Explorer 5.5 0.05%
Internet Explorer 6 21.53%
Internet Explorer 7 47.39%
Internet Explorer 8 (in Beta) 0.73%

Firefox 1.0.x 0.11%
Firefox 1.5.0.x 0.22%
Firefox 2.0.0.x 4.80%
Firefox 3.0.x 15.57%

Total Between Them 90.55%[/code]

That means that I have 90.24% of browsers covered, not even counting the remaining 10% (of which more than 9% is split between Safari, Chrome, and Opera, in that order).

But of course I’m paranoid. Maybe using a “small” browser like Opera has caused me to be more aware of the little guys, but I try to have all my bases covered in any situation. This was less so with v1 because I was concentrating on making the actual site (which explains why the design was mostly lifted from the current Temple of Andrex with a few modifications.)

I hope to go all out with τau.

Well, 90% will get still get you into a good College, Trex.


If colleges accepted me based on how much time I waste on this place, I’d get first pick at any Ivy League school I wanted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Drex, if you go into computer science, you wont even have to study! And you could even use this as an extra credit project. D:

Thank you!

But Computer Science is more than just web design, fortunately or unfortunately. I have most of the basics down, but as for things like pointers and 3D spaces, I know very little. But yeah, I’m trying to cover my bases as much as possible. ^^;

Thanks for signing up by the way. :heart;

For instance, I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around this. Collision Detection has always been a spotty topic with me.

So for now I try to make myself feel smart by doing web scripting. :stuck_out_tongue: