Project Gforum on Facebook

Project Gforum is officially on Facebook, the world’s largest social network. I hesitated a bit with this, because it’s yet another thing to update, but I think it will be useful. Specifically, those who are fans on the Facebook page become eligible for the upcoming design refresh closed beta, and I will talk more freely about that refresh on the Facebook page.

Also, if we get 25 fans, we get our own URL, so click here darn you. :argh

That’s cool. If it’s too much work to update, why don’t you get a dedicated forum member to do it for you? Like nothere.


I need to get me one of these fancy facebooks…

I use myspace so much more than I use facebook…but I’ll still join it.

Sure why not, good way to friend some people you try to find anyway.

You realize, if I become a fan of this, all my COOL friends will realize I post here and my life will be ruined… right?


Broken-arse Facebook is useless as fuck all the way to Hell and back. I doubt I can even join a group if it can’t even handle uploading little things like updates.

Yeah, their Opera support sucks. But becoming a fan shouldn’t be too much trouble.

It seems almost as if on cue that every day at the same time in the morning, Facebook kicks me out and refuses to let me log in for hours on end.

and signed…

I’m much too cool and popular to sign up for something like this

Hmmm, [size=200]Firefox[/size] works okay. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its Opera support is horrid. I switched back to Firefox and everything has been working great on facebook.

Might as well keep using a browser that’s supported by every site.

Tough it out you woman. :stuck_out_tongue: The only way to see a change is to stick to your guns.

Also Ryan join or else. :mad;


Just a prediction.


But my spelling is better than that at least!

I’m sending some of you guys invites, btw. :Q

edit} I feel like such a whore. >_>

You forgot the :lol.

Add that in and maybe it should make sense to you. :frown;

13 more fans damn you all! :argh